Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! 2018

Happy New Year, Biblionerds!

It's been a wild year, readers.

The blog went on the back burner several times for varying reasons, from navigating the fabulous world of motherhood to the embarking on an intense writing/revision/querying journey.

I've got a pretty impressive line up of books waiting to be read in the new year and while my reading goal is MUCH lower than normal (I'm starting with 30 books to keep the pressure off) other goals are taking their places in the 2018 resolution ranks.

Below you'll find some links to a few (new and old) reads that I'm looking forward to getting to in 2018.

The other goals situating themselves for the new year are mostly WRITING related and in light of that Auggie-Talk will begin featuring some writing related posts in 2018. Nothing fancy - updates and encouragement from me to you (because encouragement is the mana upon which writers exists in the dark days of revisions).

I'm not going to do a full blown 2017 recap post, because I'm so ready to get into 2018.

So without further ado, here are some 2018 goals and things to look forward to.


A FEW of the books I'm looking forward to reading in 2018 
(click on the cover to be magically transported to Goodreads)



In 2017, I participated in PitchWars and made an incredible group of friends who continue to inspire me daily. In 2018 I'll continue to query my PW novel (a MG portal fantasy) and work on two other projects - A YA Supernatural Fantasy and MG Horror.

In 2018 I also plan on participating in PitchWars again, either as a contestant or (fingers crossed) a mentor.

I also hope to support those of you who are aspiring authors like myself by sharing websites, posts, groups, and events that have helped me along the way. It's such a big and welcoming community, and if you're up for diving in, it's completely worth the time.

Look for my post "Writing in 2018 - An Aspiring Authors Guide" to go live in the next few days with info on how I found my space in the online writing community and all of the magnificent resources available out there (that I had ZERO idea about until this year).

I'm still navigating these mystic writing waters, and everyone's journey is different, but I hope something I share in the coming weeks/months/years will encourage or inspire you as I have been encouraged and inspired by many others.

Alright, that's a wrap for this first post of the year. I'm looking forward to talking books with you in 2018!

Don't forget to find me on twitter (which is where I lurk so much of the time - like a shadowy, awkward, lurking...thing.)

Happy New Year, book worms!

See you next post and Happy Reading/Writing! 

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