Friday, August 25, 2017

#Pitchwars 2017!

Well, hi there Biblionerds.


Haven't heard for me in a while, hey? Yeah. I squirreled myself away from the blogging world for a bit to tackle my Manuscript for the ever phenomenal #PitchWars competition. There was laughter, tears, and some distant, unintelligible yelling but the revisions got finished just in time for the submission window earlier this month.

And a magical, wonderful, unbelievable thing happened.

I made it in.


I'm paired up with the oh-so-incredible E. Latimer who will be my mentor through the 2 month process of editing/revising my manuscript AGAIN for the agent round in November.

This is big, booklings.

My book, an MG portal Fantasy, is about to undergo yet another make-over. It'll be intense and crazy-fantastic.

Being the primary care-giver for my son and embarking on this terrifically epic new editing adventure with Pitch Wars means my time is tight.

I'd like to think I'll make a few updates here along the way, because the book community is why I'm even this far. You guys have been my people for YEARS and your encouragement has kept me tip tapping away on my keyboard. I'm not going to abandon ship, but I can't make promises about updating because, well, priorities. You know?

Seriously, find me on twitter. I'm there a lot, lurking in the shadows (not really, that would be too cool of me. I'm more the mingling around awkwardly looking for people to talk to without making anyone feel uncomfortable type. But, I own it).

I do still owe you guys some reviews from back in June - so I'm going to do my best to still make sure that happens, and I think I might have a few more to add to the pile.

Basically, just keep a lookout for updates (sign up for e-mail alerts and you'll know right away!). They'll be coming, but I can't tell you when-exactly because I'm kind of holding onto my life by the tail at the moment and am just going where it leads. It doesn't tell me things ahead of time usually, we just kind of arrive.

Looking forward to telling you all more about this awesome new adventure (and all the other awesome adventures I'm still on because I am the awesome adventurer who adventures awesomely)!

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