Monday, June 26, 2017

Writing/Reading/Review Updates!

Happy Monday, Biblionerds!

If you've been missing the book reviews here on Auggie-Talk, you're not the only one. *gestures enthusiastically to self* I have a long list of books I need to share with you, and I'm going to post that list here so you know what'll be coming up.

So, what else is new?

In the wild world of Auggie, there are a zillion wonderful and exciting things happening. Being a mum is, of course, the wildest and most wonderful. Next to that I'VE WRITTEN A BOOK.

It's true. I was there.

I know I mentioned my writing adventures before (sometime looooooong ago) and if you've been with me that long and actually remember it, have a cookie (and thank you, you're fantastic). These past several weeks have been exciting and full of new experiences . Particularly, querying.


More than anything, I feel extremely lucky to have discovered a very supportive and incredible writing group called On The Porch. If you're a writer, please go check them out on Twitter - #ontheporch. Tag me @Odrah so I can cover you in welcoming hugs. Or, if you're not about hugs, I can perhaps give you a curt nod.


 Also, if you're a writer with a finished manuscript, I hope you've heard of #PitchWars. If not - oh geez, let me tell you... you need to go check this out. Go to Brenda Drake's website and read up on what Pitch Wars is all about and seriously consider participating.  Linked above!


Ok ok ok and if you decide that #PitchWars sounds awesome and you're thinking about joining then you ABSOLUTELY need to look into #menteeshelpingmentees. They have a giveaway going on this week. I've linked it above. Check it out and enter to win a critique that'll help you feel all that more confident about your entry for Pitch Wars

So there's all of that good and wonderful mess. I hope you'll connect with me on Twitter so we can talk about books/reading/writing things!

Now I'll give you  quick rundown of all the books I need to catch up and review!

Reviews To Come

(Click the book cover to see its Goodreads page!)

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See you next post and Happy Reading/Writing! 

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  1. Congrats for both your babies! (The book, and the brand new mini you)