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Top Ten Tuesday: 8 Of My Favorite Fandoms

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I know that it's "Top Ten" but I couldn't think of ten for this one, so you get eight. That is so close to ten. Fasten your bibliohelmets and get ready for:

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8 Of My Favorite Fandoms

Studio Ghibli- "My Neighbor Totoro" was my first Ghibli film. I was a pretty young kid and it was a VHS tape (yes, VHS) that I looked for every time we went to rent a video at the video store near our home. I had no idea that it was a "Ghibli" film then or that it was Japanimation. It was just a really cool and fun movie that I loved. I rediscovered it as a teen along with so many of the other Ghibli films I had missed. And then "Howl's Moving Castle" released via Disney and my heart was won.

The style, the music, the stories... *makes a happy noise* I think one of the things I love most about Ghibli, is that my little brother shared my love for those stories. We watched "My Neighbor Totoro" together growing and later his favorite became "Spirited Away".  Whenever I watch one of Ghibli's films I feel close to my brother, who I miss dearly.

Harry Potter -You had to know this one was going to make the list. Harry Potter was with me from the time I was 12 years old until, well, now! That's a solid 18 years.  I still love collecting memorabilia and Harry Potter "swag". Now that "Fantastic Beasts" is out, I get to keep on enjoying the very living culture that is J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter Universe. Pottermore, anyone? Yep, love that too.

I've got my Ravenclaw robes and my Head Girl pin, my scarf and my socks and the Funko and the blanket and the stationary and I could just KEEP GOING I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *deep breath* Okay.

Disney - DUH! I've been singing Disney songs since I was old enough to squeak. In the car, in the house, musical auditions. Disney World is one of my super happy places, and Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie, followed very closely by Brave (if you count it) and The Princess and the Frog.

I just have to say that I super respect Maleficent mostly because her dragon form has managed to haunt my nightmares since I was 5. I STILL have nightmares about that dragon. But now as an adult I appreciate how cool it is. SO COOL. *wears Maleficent Mickey ears*

Also, I think that "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" has some really underappreciated musical numbers. "Bells of Notre Dame" and "Out There" are both PHENOMENAL.

Oh, and wait, you CAN NOT forget "Hocus Pocus"! I just have to say that... *keeps on keeping on about Disney until the last star in the last universe pitters out*  Oh. Am I talking too much about this?

Doctor Who -  I didn't want to like Doctor Who. I resisted it for so very long. When finally I was super bored and out of things to watch I decided to see what all the hubub was about. First episode (of the reboot)... ridiculous. Didn't like it. Second episode? Just as ridiculous. Geez, what's up with the horrible special effects? Third episode... Oh, wait. I kind of like that. Fourth episode... OH MY GAWD. CALL ME A BELIEVER BECAUSE I LOVE THIS MESS!

Every time a new Doctor would be cast I would complain and whine. "I'm going to stop watching, I'll never love this Doctor as much as the last one." Cue the fangirling over every...single... Doctor. I love them all and I really hope the next one will be a lady so I can, you know, pretend it's me.

Sherlock - This one is preeeety straight forward. I've always been a light fan of the Sherlock stories and all of the various retellings that turned Sherlock into the iconic man he is now but "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberbatch, hit a homerun with me. I love modern reimaginings and this one was level 100.

Once Upon a Time-Oh come on. Did you not read my Disney Fandom explanation up there? All my favorites, all the Heroes and the Villains and their stories all TIED TOGETHER. UNG. It's so yes.

Supernatural - This is another one that I share with my brothers. When those two were together it was Sam and Dean. I was the weird sister piece that didn't quite fit in, but I didn't even care because I loved it and they loved it and we all loved it together. My big bro and I still watch it and will for as long as those writers decide to keep it going.

Tim Burton- Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas were my first introduction to Tim Burton.  I can't remember which one I watched first, but I think that "Nightmare Before Christmas" had the first impact on me. I was about 7 years old when it released and I watched it pretty close to around that time. I LOVED CREEPY STUFF! Still do (creepy, not scary. Difference). The idea that these scary creatures were actually just kind of chill, fun loving, trying-to-live-their-afterlife type of people was novel to my child-self.

Edward Scissorhands was a favorite because it was so whimsical, and the music was great, and Johnny Depp wasn't too bad looking and, yes, I was aware of that kind of thing at that age.

The eccentric, peculiar, magical and slightly macabre (or very, depending on which movie we're talking about here) characteristics of many of Burton's films keep me coming back.

What Fandoms Do You Belong To?

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  1. My Neighbor Totoro was my first Studio Ghibli movie too!! My sister and I used to watch it all the time on VHS, I think my mom found it at the video store. I need to watch more Ghibli movies, I've seen most of them only once. YES Harry Potter! I think we're the same age because I also started when I was 12 and it stuck with me "after all this time" :) I still adore Harry Potter and even started a reread recently, which I haven't done in awhile! OMG DISNEY. Is. My. Ultimate. I grew up seeing the movies in theaters and watching them over and over again at home. My mom lovs to tell me that she had to stop me from singing in the theater haha! We'd always get the soundtrack for the new movie. Disneyland is *my* happy place! And Hocus Pocus is the best, I could watch it all year round. Love your post, this is great! Some of my other fandoms are Marvel movies, Adventure Time, and Hamilton :) Love your blog design btw.

  2. OOoh great picks!!! So happy to be seeing so many people with Disney on their lists! Wasn't really expecting many for some reason!! I adore Disney!! Supernatural too! Though I would likely need a separate TV fandoms list in order to get all those on there! LOL!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. OMG Yes to so many and Once....I heart me some Killian "Capt. Hook" Jones!

  4. Love Harry Potter, Once, Disney and Sherlock!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/top-ten-tuesday-101/

  5. Excellent choices!!! Once Upon A Time is so good! I love that show. Sherlock... Tim Burton... all so good! I love what you said about Doctor Who haha. I myself am resisting watching it but maybe one day I'll give in and end up loving it like you did.

  6. We share so many! I really should have added Tim Burton to my list though... :)