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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book,

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Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read a Book

Examples of books that I've picked up with nary a second thought:

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Favorite Author- This one should be pretty obvious! If it's a favorite author of mine, then I'll definitely be picking up the book.

The Next Book In A Beloved Series- Another obvious one. If it's a series that I've been really loving, as soon as the newest book hits the shelf I'm all over it.

Paranormal Historical Fiction - Set in the Victorian era with ghosts, mediums, or other supernatural creatures running amok? Take my money!

Mythology - Is it a reimagining of a particular mythology or folklore that I love? Yes, please.

Paranormal Cozy Mysteries- Ok, so this is one of my weaknesses. I love quirky mysteries with paranormal/supernatural aspects of some kind. If it's set in a Victorian Mansion that was turned into some kind of business, that's a plus too.

Fairytale Retelling- Is it a retelling of a favorite fairytale of mine? I'm probably going to buy it with about 0% hesitation.

Pretty New Edition Of An Old Favorite- 10th anniversary edition with cloth bound cover of a particular favorite? SOLD! Special edition with author notes of a childhood classic? BOUGHT!

Short Story Compilations or Novelizations of Favorite TV Shows/Movies - Dr. Who and Supernatural short stories anyone? Labyrinth Novelization? Fun new Beauty and the Beast book based off of the most recent film? Ah, yes, I see that you know exactly how to get me to spend money.

A Flipping Amazing Synopsis- If the synopsis is good enough, then it doesn't matter if the cover is hideous or the premise isn't exactly what I would normally lean towards. That precious precious book is coming home with me.

It's So Beautiful I Might Cry -If the cover is perfect enough, I'll buy the book DESPITE a synopsis that I'm not 100% on. Because, hey, if I end up not liking the book at least it will look beautiful in my bookcase.

What Makes You Instantly Interested In A Book?

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  1. Ooh great points! I too will just immediately pick up the next book in a beloved series without reading what it's about before buying! Lol! I just pick it up and run to the registers!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Media tie-ins can be a lot of fun. :)

    Lauren @ My TTT and my current giveaway (INT)