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Review: "The Stone Child" by Dan Poblocki

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I loved creepy books growing up. I still love them! That tingly tingle you get at the back of your neck when you've got your hands on a truly spooky read is exhilarating! Please enjoy the review and, if you love a good spine-tingling tale, go check out "The Stone Child" for yourself!


Title: The Stone Child
: Dan Poblocki
: MG Paranormal
August 25, 2009


What if the monsters from your favorite horror books were real?

Eddie Fennicks has always been a loner, content to lose himself in a mystery novel by his favorite author, Nathaniel Olmstead. That’s why moving to the small town of Gatesweed becomes a dream come true when Eddie discovers that Olmstead lived there before mysteriously disappearing thirteen years ago. Even better, Eddie finds a handwritten, never-before-seen Nathaniel Olmstead book printed in code and befriends Harris, who’s as much an Olmsteady as he is. But then the frightening creatures of Olmstead’s books begin to show up in real life, and Eddie’s dream turns into a nightmare. Eddie, Harris, and their new friend, Maggie, must break Olmstead’s code, banish all gremlins and monster lake-dogs from the town of Gatesweed, and solve the mystery of the missing author, all before Eddie’s mom finished writing her own tale of terror and brings to life the scariest creature of all

This book was... phenomenal.

Truly, I was so impressed with this work. Poblocki is, in my opinion, a master horror writer for young adults. He tells a fantastic story full of adventure, life lessons, and REALLY FRIGHTENING moments that even kept ME up wondering what was creeping around in the shadows. 

Okay okay... so I have an overactive imagination in general but regardless... he writes really creepy books!

Eddie, Harris, and Maggie are three REALLY BRAVE kids but they kind of have to be. It's either that or let the world be overrun by evil creatures from the dimension of darkness... and we're talking REALLY awful things. Forget all of the newfangled horror shows that you're familiar with... this is plain, good old-fashioned bump-in-the-night stuff that makes you keep your nightlight on.

Aside from all of the creepy stuff, we're looking at a book with a message here. Poblocki's books consider the bravery and multi-layers of the characters' young psyches. The dark side of human nature and the potential for darkness in all human beings are considered. The fight for what's right and good for everyone against all odds. Considering others before considering yourself. 
This book reminds me of the saying "Bravery is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it." Young and old readers alike will enjoy this spine-tingling yet feel-good story about overcoming all of life's obstacles even when they seem too insurmountable to consider.
Technically speaking... Poblocki's writing style is engaging and forward moving. You're in the hands of a master story teller with this author and he makes it feel as though his tales are actually millennia old legends passed down through the generations of tale spinners.
The mystery aspect of this book is plenty suspenseful enough and there are moments when you actually figure out what's going on before the characters do and you're on the edge of your seat trying to warn them by talking through the pages. "No! Don't open that door! OMG YOU DID!"
Very talented author. Very great book.
I recommend this book for Adults and young readers who enjoy frightening stories, but probably not for young readers who are very easily spooked or who might be kept up all night. If your readers aren't likely to read a "SCARY STORIES" compilation then this book isn't for them.  This isn't "Goosebumps fright" here, folks. You know, spooky with a twist of quirky.  Poblobki's books are straight up creepy.
That being said....
Read Read Read!

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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Underrated/Hidden Gem Books

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Fasten your bibliohelmets and get ready for:

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This week's top ten topic is:

Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books

We're also going to call this one "Books I Love That Have Less Than 5k Ratings On Goodreads But Deserve Way More."

(Click the Cover Image to visit the title's Goodreads page) 34282 24376529
       458341 7497552 237117 22840398  23719387
22749511 2258544

"Dogsbody" by Diana Wynne Jones (MG) 4,938 Ratings - It almost didn't make the list because it's right on the cusp of having 5k reviews. But why it doesn't have a million is a mystery to me! I loved this book so much that I cried over it on a plane. Really. I was in a public place and I was bawling because it was just. that. good.

"Deep Secret" by Diana Wynne Jones (Adult) 4,688 Ratings - Is there someone out there who can explain to me why this book still isn't on EVERY BEST SELLER STAND IN EVERY BOOKSTORE? I loved this book so desperately. It is on the top of my "Favorites" list. That is to say that as of today, January 17, 2017... this book is still my absolute favorite book.

"A Madness So Discreet" by Mindy McGinnis (YA) 4,023 Ratings - This one was another spectacular read that I just hated to get to the end of. I wasn't ready for that last page! The Author has made no mention of turning this into a series, which isn't a bad thing. But darn! I recommend this one highly and think it deserves WAY more attention.

"Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things" by Ted Naifeh (YA) 3,808 - This series, in general, was a marvelous one. I kind of roared right through these because it was such an interesting and spooky story. I say spooky but might mean "terrifying"... but in that fun way that keeps you up reading through the wee hours of the morning.

"The Vespertine" by Saundra Mitchell (YA) 2,959 - This book was the end of my YA historical fiction dry spell. I was really struggling to find something in this genre that I really loved until "The Vespertine". After reading this book all of the sudden there were all of these really fantastic reads to be had! "The Vespertine" must have been some kind of magic door to the YA Historical Fiction universe. And yet not even 3,000 ratings? WHY?!

"Look For Me By Moonlight" Mary Downing Hahn (YA) 2,876 Ratings- I'm a fan of Mary Downing Hahn anyway, but I point to this book in particular when I talk about books of hers that I love. I get that the cover is a bit old school, but this one is still so enjoyable!

"Illusionarium" by Heather Dixon (YA) 1,837 Ratings - Now this one, this one I really am flabbergasted over. Barely 1,800 ratings?! This was one of the best reads of 2015 for me! Heather Dixon ROCKED this story. The Steampunk elements were spot on in my opinion and the story itself was dark and quirky enough to be especially memorable.

"Forbidden" by Eve Bunting (YA) 417 Ratings- This is one of those ones you kind of accidentally stumble across and it ends up being such a splendid experience. It a superb ghost story, just like the ones I used to love as a young girl. I thoroughly enjoyed this book but, unfortunately,  it didn't get much overall attention.

"When My Heart Was Wicked" Tricia Stirling (YA) 409 Ratings- This one had mixed reviews, but I found it to be not only entertaining but also thought provoking. It was a very quick read, but that was part of the appeal. I'm surprised more people haven't gotten their hands on this one!

"The Queen of Spells" Dahlov Ipcar (YA) 29 Ratings - Now, this one is the odd one out. I found it by accident at a library book sale. It's a little on the obscure side and was published in the 70's. It's a whimsical retelling of "The Ballad of Tam Lin". This was my first experience with Tam Lin retellings, and while this isn't my favorite retelling it'll always have a place on my bookshelf. This is one of those books that you hope to find as a kid (or as an adult, no shame) while rummaging through old boxes looking for something interesting and magical. This was definitely one of those experiences for me.

What hidden gems do you want to share with the world?

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Auggie is the 30 year old whirlwind owner of Auggie-Talk. A bibliobibuli by nature and a (potentially obsessive) lover of Diana Wynne Jones and Neil Gaiman. Not so secrety secret: She's been known to consume too much caffeine leading to hyperactive rants about her heinous lack of shelving and the high likelihood that Hermione Granger is her spirit animal.

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34282 22840398 22749511

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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 2016 Books I Didn't Get To (But Will)

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So far 2017 has been an absolute whirlwind! That works for me! Busy is best, yeah? Thanks to "Bout of Books" I got a few of my TBR 2017 reads out of the way and am making good headway on my yearly reading goal.

Today we're back to doing that ever-so-fun Top Ten Tuesdays. This week? 2016 reads I didn't quite get to, but still absolutely plan to read!

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This week's top ten topic is:

Ten 2016 Books I Didn't Get To (But Will)

(Click the Cover Image to visit the title's Goodreads page)
18584855  29241322 26874946 25191266 23251733 28220826 25488299
28259112 22707152 The Secret of Dreadwillow Carse


"Heartless" by Marissa Meyer (YA) - I can't believe I didn't read this one in 2016! I bought it almost as soon as it was released and it sat sadly on my shelf for the rest of the year. Don't ask me why I didn't get to it, because I have absolutely zero clue. It's on the top of my list for books to read in 2017.

"A Taste for Monsters" by Matthew J. Kirby (YA)- Again, another one I bought as soon as it was available, but then just sat on it. To be fair, I did purchase the kindle version of this and then lost the charger to my kindle for what feels like months. That could be why. Now that my Kindle is back in action I plan on reading this ASAP.

"Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard" by Rick Riordan (MG) - Another beautiful one that's sitting on my bookshelf. After bibliobaby was born I sort of put aside all of the big reads and focused more on ones that I could easily get through and still enjoy without a lot of extra attention. I'm looking forward to getting into this one this year!

"The Evil Wizard Smallbone" by Delia Sherman (MG) - Why?! WHY HAVEN'T I READ THIS YET?! I honestly couldn't explain it to you because even I don't know the answer to that one.

"Enter a Glossy Web" by Mckenna Rhea Ruebush(MG) - This has been on my radar for SO LONG and it's one I keep coming back to. "I need to read that. I need to read that." Then I don't? Am I worried I'll love it too much?

"When The Moon Was ours" by Anna Marie Mclemore (MG)- In my defense, I didn't know about this one last year or I would have had it in my hands by this point. Now that I know it exists, I'll be reading it very shortly.

"The Secret Horses of Briar Hill" by Megan Shepherd (MG) - I loved stories like this as a little girl. This is just one of the ones that got passed up with all the other bigger titles coming out, which is a shame. I'm definitely going to give this one attention this year.

"Foxheart" by Claire Legrand (MG)-I've been seeing this on the shelves over and over. I didn't have a strong intention to read it necessarily, probably because it's one of those books that you look at and you KNOW you're going to read it eventually so you don't pick it up right away. Does that make any sense at all? Am I being sensical?

"A Most Magical Girl" Karen Foxlee (MG) - I love love loved Karen Foxlee's book "Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy". I only recently found out that she published "A Most Magical Girl" in October of last year. So now this one's on the list!

"The Secret of Deadwillow Carse" by Brian Farrery (MG) - Another of those ones that you pass up but then keep coming back to until you finally read it. This one certainly needs to be on my list this year.

What books from 2016 will you finally be reading this year?

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Auggie is the 30 year old whirlwind owner of Auggie-Talk. A bibliobibuli by nature and a (potentially obsessive) lover of Diana Wynne Jones and Neil Gaiman. Not so secrety secret: She's been known to consume too much caffeine leading to hyperactive rants about her heinous lack of shelving and the high likelihood that Hermione Granger is her spirit animal.