Monday, September 12, 2016

Update: Baby Coming Soon!

Hello, Biblioloves!


The blog has officially taken a backseat to all the other shenanigans (mostly being ridiculously pregnant) that are going on right now.

I didn't want it to happen, because I love this blog and I love my book community, but with the approaching arrival of baby boy things have gotten very hectic. I'm trying to finish several projects before his debut (hopefully sometimes this week/weekend!) and get everything else in order.

I am still active on goodreads because it's quick and easy. So if we're not friends yet, please add me! I love keeping up with everyone's reading escapades!

Am I closing the blog? HECK TO THE NO! I'm too book obsessed to withdraw from the book blogosphere entirely, but I need to rework some things regarding my schedule. I've got to figure out how to best enjoy blogging while shifting lots of my focus around.

Let's think of this as "Maternity Leave". Boop is due on Sunday and then it'll be a whirlwind of trying to figure out how the heck to be a mom.

As I mentioned before, my other social media outlets are more active because they're quick and easy to update, so please feel free to interact with me there until the time when I fit the blog back into a regular type of schedule.

I love you all and I can't wait to introduce you to the newest member of our family, hopefully very soon!

Let's Be Friends!

Auggie is the 29 year old whirlwind owner of Auggie-Talk. A bibliobibuli by nature and a (potentially obsessive) lover of Diana Wynne Jones and Neil Gaiman. Not so secrety secret: She's been known to consume too much caffeine leading to hyperactive rants about her heinous lack of shelving and the high likelihood that Hermione Granger is her spirit animal.

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