Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Gathering #38

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I wanted to throw out a quick update on my book gathering adventures so it doesn't get too overwhelming later. So, I've been going a little nutso lately with the book buying. Let's just say that I've been finding some unbelievable deals and have had absolutely NO REASON to pass them up.

So, here's what I've gathered so far this month.

Purchased Middle Grade 

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26252859 455933 21318 
47870 2049298     

I didn't go as crazy on MG titles this month as I have in months previous. I'm not sure why I'm starting to slow down here, but mostly it may be the result of having collected nearly all of the MG books from preferred authors. That certainly doesn't mean the well is dry! I always enjoy browsing around the MG section at the bookstore. Hopefully there'll be a new author to love soon!

Purchased YA

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 23308084 17927395 26085520
21518344 17675462 13929
47587 47511 16793
Definitely had a strong YA book buying game going on for May. I picked up several books by favorite authors - including a few I've already read but wanted a copy of. I grabbed some fantastical new releases and then picked up some series books that I haven't read yet but am looking forward to.

Purchased Adult

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23281944 Night Shift (Midnight, Texas, #3) 45020
32510 3174601 32516
99472  13931 13922
26046 31313 6314469
6250169 34541 815750
13927 13925

Charlaine Harris was my Adult Author focus this month. I think I own all of her works now, but some are still in eBook format, so I'll eventually need to remedy that. I picked up a BUNCH of Juliet Marillier as well, some Terry Pratchett and even a few Nora Roberts books (hey, gotta have some romance!).

Overall it was an EXTREMELY lovely month on the book buying front. I'm very happy with all of my purchases and can't wait to give them space on the bookshelf.

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  1. You are my spirit person. I'm always looking for a good deal so I can buy more books even though I don't need anymore. But let there be coupon or a five dollar bind and I'm going ham and buying everything.

    You have some great choices. Now the question is will you read them

    1. I don't need a lot to be persuaded when it comes to book buying. LOL! "Oh, 20% off? GREAT DEAL!". And the BOGO tables? Forget it.

      I think there's a pretty good chance I'll eventually get to all of them - especially since there are a some here I've already read and just wanted a copy of. I'll just add them to my challenge!

  2. You got some awesome books! I've got to get The Rose and the Dagger as well as A Court of Mist and Fury. Great haul!
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