Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - 10 Bookish People To Follow

Greetings Biblio Babes!

Putting together my office/guest room. Work in progress!

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! It took a week, but we're finally moved in! We're so unbelievably excited to be able to do something like this.Obviously things have been hectic, but I'm putting together my reading haven and look forward to using it in all of its colorful/comfy glory soon.

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This week's top ten topic is: 
  Top Ten Bookish People You Should Follow
Click on the image to visit the blog/instagram/youtube page.

      bookiemoji The Daily Prophecy PAPER FURY  
  https://www.instagram.com/madamereadsalot/ https://www.instagram.com/eatdrinkreadrepeat/ https://www.instagram.com/myriadinklings/ 
           http://www.popgoesthereader.com/ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf blog button
Bookiemoji - Bookiemoji is a blog you've probably heard of by now, but if you haven't followed them somehow I highly suggest you do! They're fun, quirky, and very active. They even have a cute little store!

The Daily Prophecy - This blog is run by Mel, who is just fabulous. She's obsessed with Fairytale retellings and  Disney and there's magic in everything she does as a bookish blogger.

Paper Fury - Another prolific blogger you might have heard about. Cait's posts are not only thoughtful and fun they're downright HILARIOUS. She's vivacious and full of insight. She's the best type of peculiar and I love her blog.

Madamreadsalot - This bookstagramer, in my opinion, has reached "wizard" status in photo social media.
Eadrinkreadrepeat  -Another awesome bookstagram account with lots of delicious Harry Potter photos and a ton of other impressive book-loving pictures.
Myriadinklings - A very magical bookstagram account that never fails to awe.

Helene Jeppesen" - I started following this gal on YouTube around the time she'd just started out. She was great then and she' great now! 

Jean Bookish Thoughts - I know I probably shouldn't follow YouTubers because I think they're adorable.... but this girl is adorable. She's also fun and has lots of great bookish videos to watch.

Pop Goes The Reader - You have NEVER seen a cuter book blog! Lots of great visuals, fantastic posts, and just an overall fun book experience.

  Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf - Looking for magical and mysterious reads? You've gotta check this blogger out. She's been a favorite of mine for a while! 

What book lovers are you following?

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  1. Great picks this week! I love this weeks topic, I get to share some of my favourite bookish people but then I am also discovering new ones that I can follow. Thanks for the awesome recommendations,will definitely be checking some of these out too :) Cait made my list too, I LOVE her. You can see my picks here