Saturday, January 30, 2016

Win OwlCrate! 2 Days Left!

Happy Saturday Bibliobabes!

I know! I know! Don't hate me!

I've been sick reader beans. You'd think that would mean lots and lots of time lazing around writing up reviews and reading. Nope. Nope. It meant sleeping and wandering aimlessly around the house trying to stop thinking about the possibility of vomiting, all while feeling HUNGRY but having no desire to eat anything except crackers.

Yeah, it's been a fun week.

THANKFULLY! I'm feeling better. Which is good, because I'm behind on EVERYTHING.

I've got reviews backed up out the wazoo, so be prepared for a string of those. Today I just wanted to remind you that there are only 2 DAYS LEFT to enter to win the February crate from OwlCrate!

For your convenience I'm reposting the Rafflecopter! 

Love you guys and thanks for your support so far this year! Again, there's LOTS AND LOTS of really awesome stuff that's going to be happening, and I can't wait to tell you! For now though... here's your chance to win the ultimate subscription box!!

Good Luck!

Past Boxes
November Crate - Myths and Legends

December Crate - Get Inspired!
January Crate - Magic!
Want to see more past boxes? Fly on over to OwlCrate!


The Giveaway will run January 1-January 31

The winner will receive the February OwlCrate!

Runner up will receive choice of a book from past OwlCrate boxes!

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. 

Let's Be Friends!

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