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Snazzy Snippets - NaNoWriMo 2015 Bits

Happy Saturday, Bibliodarlings

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Today I'm going to participate in a little something I saw over at The Daily Prophecy. Mel shared her fantastic snippets (which I recommend you go and check out) and got me thinking about sharing a bit of mine.

As I've said previously. I am so not a sharer. Well. I'll share my opinions, my perspectives, and my reactions. I'll share my food, my games, and even my books (which is scary). Depending on how close we are I might even share a drink with you (but at that point we're probably living together or have sworn ourselves to be blood siblings under the light of a full moon).


I do not share my projects. Not until they're done or nearly done or at least have been looked over a million times to make sure that they are, indeed, ready to be shared.

In an effort to widen my comfort zone I'm gonna go for it. So here we go. A bit of share.

A Snippet Without Dialogue

After a few quiet goodnights, Penelope went to climb into her own bed where Coriander was already snoring softly. As she pulled back the covers, her bare toes bumped against something near her nightstand. She leaned over to look at the lump on the floor. The book. She had forgotten all about it in the business of their planning. The book had fallen on its spine, the front cover laying open to the first page.  As she leaned down to pick it up, a faint beam of milky moonlight cut through the window above her bed highlighting a faded inscription.

To our beloved Penelope.

Gingerly she picked the book up off of the floor, cradling it in her hands and rereading the dedication over and over again. With no idea where it came from, why it was there, or if she was even the Penelope it was addressed to, she climbed into bed next to her sleeping friend. Despite the millions of questions swimming through her head, she drifted off to sleep, clutching the book to her chest. 

A Snippet Featuring a Friend/Family Member of Your Protagonist

Willa is not a main character and will not even be present throughout much of the book after the first Act, but her friendship is a driving force for Penelope throughout her adventure. 

“You’ll tear it out at the roots! Let me braid it?” she asked, holding up a pretty green ribbon she’d pulled from her dress pocket.

Penelope smiled thankfully and nodded, her head foggy with possibilities for the morning. Somehow she knew in her heart that this day would change each of their lives forever. When Willa was finished, Penelope ran her hands over the plaits, rebellious hairs still managing to stick out in all directions.

“ I did my best.” Willa giggled. “You have hair like an Amazon!”

Of course Willa and Penelope had never seen an Amazon, but they often played them during their games of pretend and in their mind's eye Amazons were giant, wild women with wild hair and wild eyes.

“And your hair is made from the fire of Apollo’s sun carriage!” Penelope exclaimed flipping Willa’s own braid over the girl’s shoulder.

Willa’s smile faded into a gentle look that was half dreamy and half sad. Penelope had never seen a look like that on the face of her friend. She looked very adult in that moment and Penelope remembered that Willa was older and would not be allowed to stay at Restenwood for much longer. At least, not if Miss Tolly were still Matron. Willa's lips tugged up into a tiny smile “Everything will be okay, Penny.” 

A Snippet That Took Forever to Write

This particular bit took me a while because I needed Miss Tolly to seem very "off". Frightening in a really subtle way when Miss Tolly is not usually a subtle woman.

Penelope reached an arm out to halt the girls from their forward movement. Something felt very very wrong.

It was too late to back out of the dining room, the girls' presence had already been registered, though barely. Miss Tolly lifted her gaze to the girls, hardly seeing them at first. Finally she furrowed her brows and motioned to the table.

“You girls are all very late for breakfast. Sit down.” There wasn’t the usual venom in her voice. Instead she sounded tired and worn down.

None of the girls spoke, they simply made their way to their seats. There was breakfast food on the table, but it was cold and looked as though it had already begun to congeal on the plates. None of them made any move to eat the food, except the always ravenous Nita who gently nibbled at a safe looking piece of burnt toast.

“Mr. Kaiser is coming today.” Miss Tolly’s words were muttered, as though she were speaking her private thoughts out loud by accident. She was staring across to the end of the table, making eye contact with no one. The girls might not have even been there for all she knew. She rubbed absently at the stain on her face, obviously aware that it was there but in no great hurry to remove it.

“The strangest things have been happening.” At this the matron reached up to gently touch her shorn hair, fingers running through the butchered strands. “My hair. This morning it was all gone.”
At this she turned her eyes to the girls, letting her gaze travel along each of them.

“Did one of you cut my hair?” the question was almost a gentle one, but some of the color was returning to the Matron’s cheeks which put Penelope on alert right away.

There you have it!

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  1. All your hard work payed off, because I loved the last snippet :D The first one also gives a lot of images, I love it! Thanks for finding the courage to share some snippets :)

  2. OMG, first of all your blog design is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Is that a wand at the bottom of my page EEEK. And I love how gloriously childish Penelope is in a good way, kinda like the MG style of Roald Dahl. And Miss Tolly ... she definitely radiated a bit of unnatural behaviour there. Thanks for linking up, and yay for sharing!

  3. I love these snippets! The writing flows really well, and I'm intrigued as to what happens and why Miss Tolly is so off and what that dedication has to do with it all. Good on you for sharing! :)