Thursday, November 12, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 - Goals and Stats

Hey Book Babes!

I have been surprisingly busy this month with NanoWriMo.

For those of you who are not familiar with Nano, it's a fantastic event that happens in November where people from all over the globe set a goal to get 50,000 words down on paper for their novels, dissertations, travel guides or other writing projects. The catch is, they only have 30 days to do it!

I've participated two years previous but was pretty crunched for time due to Graduate School responsibilities. My desire was there, just not my drive.

This year, however, I decided that I really wanted to do this and with the help of my Hubby who has been 100% supportive, I'm rockin' it.

I've been outlining, brainstorming, and writing for several hours every, the hours I would normally be using for reading. So for now, I'm not stacking up too many read books so you won't see too many reviews from me until after this is done.

You guys have all shown me so much support in the past and I'm sure I have your encouragement going forward with this project and so I'm going to be posting my Nano progress here. I would love to hear about your own Nano success or progress and hope you'll engage with me!

Keep a look out for Nano updates from me and Book Reviews from Tori!

NaNoWriMo 2015

Auggie's Stats

Current Word Total: 38,971 - 78% there!

Day 1 Goal: 1,667
Day 1 Actual:  0

Day 2 Goal: 1,667
Day 2 Actual: 0

Day 3 Goal: 1,667
Day 3 Actual: 0

Day 4 Goal: 1,667
Day 4 Actual: 0

Day 5 Goal: 1,667
Day 5 Actual: 0

Day 6 Goal: 1,667
Day 6 Actual: 6,617

Day 7 Goal: 1,667
Day 7 Actual: 3,630

Day 8 Goal: 1,667
Day 8 Actual: 0

Day 9 Goal: 1,667
Day 9 Actual: 2,454

Day 10 Goal: 1,667
Day 10 Actual: 1, 501

Day 11 Goal: 1,667
Day 11 Actual: 4,181

Day 12 Goal: 1,667
Day 12 Actual: 4,367

Day 13 Goal: 1,667
Day 13 Actual: 2,282

Day 14 Goal: 1,667
Day 14 Actual: 2,130

Day 15 Goal: 2,828
Day 15 Actual: 2,879

Day 16 Goal: 3,000
Day 16 Actual: 5,122 (WOO! I ROCKED TODAY!)

Day 17 Goal: 3,000
Day 17 Actual: 3,337

Day 18 Goal: 3,000
Day 18 Actual: 471

Day 19 Goal: 3,000
Day 19 Actual:

I would love to cheer you on! If you're a NANOWRIMO participant this year, please let me know! I'd love writing buddies!

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  1. I am doing NaNo again this year. I completed it last year, but am not doing quite so good this year. I only have a little over 10,000 words so far. :-( But I haven't given up yet?

    1. If we're not buddies yet, I'm buffywnabe on the NaNo site!