Saturday, August 1, 2015

Month in Review: July 2015

It's August! Only 2 months to go until Halloween! Okay... let me prioritize. Only 2 months and 24 days until I marry my best friend! A whole 15 years after our first introduction! Wee!

July was an okay reading month for me, though the last week I totally slacked off. I'm behind my reading goal but BOUT OF BOOKS 14 is happening August 17-23rd and I just recently checked out like 8 old-skool "Fear Street" books, so things are looking hopeful!

Tori TOTALLY DESTROYED this month! She is kicking my butt in our book goals!

Anyway, here is our JULY 2015 MONTH IN REVIEW and a look ahead to what you can expect to see in August!

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July Reviews!

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly 24873066 22608277

Books Read In July

Auggie's Books: 

6491459 24885765 24376529 17185496

Auggie's Comments: I read kind of all over the place in July. Tried to stick to my ARC copy list for the most part and started so many other books without finishing. Not DNFs, necessarily, I just got distracted by other reads. It happens! But that means I've only got half way to go on a bunch of other books this month.

Tori's Books

1140602 30228 121927 30225 2149535
5215879 6726595 7121598  18045624 20980781 15764855

Tori's Comments:  Finishing up the Laurell K. Hamilton series and getting in some Jennifer L. Armentrout (favorite!). Throw in some new-author vampy romance and voila! Perfect month of reading.

What To Look Forward To

23507745    23845997 24612533 19278261 23719469

Until then,

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