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Uncross the Stars: Author Interview

Book & Author Details

Uncross the Stars by Janell Rhiannon
Publication date: December 15th, 2014
Genres: Romance, Young Adult


Fiona Lavender is the new girl at school. She has a chip on her shoulder and a pension for poetry. Dario Martinez is the star quarterback, and the most unattainable guy on campus. Their stars cross when they are paired to study Romeo and Juliet for a senior English project. Their connection is fragile and undeniable. But, Dario is afraid of what love will do; and Fiona is waiting for love to claim her. Will they uncross the stars and find the love they both need to heal their pasts?




Janell has been writing since she was in grade school. In high school, her 9th grade English teacher suggested she consider a career in writing. After a decade in college and a Master's degree in history, she settled into teaching.
Writing never stopped. Stories never stopped. READING fiction never stopped. Now, she writes and publishes on-line. Invisible Wings is her first YA novel, a compilation of short stories centered on teenage life triumphs and tragedies. She believes being a teenager is difficult and wrote Invisible Wings to let teens know they aren't alone. That they matter. That even though life is rough, they can still find beauty and love. 

Beside the YA stories close to her heart, she adores Mythology and Fairy tales. Anything magical and mystical. And dragons. And gargoyles. 

She currently lives in CA. 

Visit her at Facebook @Janell Rhiannon Author. If you want to see what projects are in the works or find out more about the her, visit


Interview With the Author

1. What sparked your interest in becoming an author?

I always loved telling and writing stories. And I’ve always kept journals of story fragments, napkins with ideas, and snippets of paper with doodles of characters. I think that it wasn’t so much of a spark as it was something I did naturally. I did come late to the indie author platform because I was busy doing what I was “supposed to be doing.” Then, a few years ago, I realized that my life was more than half over, if I am lucky enough to live into my 90s, and I hadn’t even tried to do the very thing I loved doing: write the damn stories. 

2. Who are the authors that have inspired you the most?

I’ve been inspired by the classic authors: Homer and Shakespeare. My love of mythology stems from studying and thinking about the Iliad and the Odyssey. My love of tragedy began with Shakespeare. I feel that tragedy mirrors life in a powerful way, a way that profoundly touches my heart.

3. Are any of your characters reflections of your own self or those you know? Give us a hint as to who!

Ah! Such a great question! The mother-daughter interaction between Fiona and her mom is based on the tension I’ve always had with my mom. I never had the easy relationship that some mother/daughters have for a variety of reasons. In the end, we all get one mom so learning to accept that moms are people too was huge for me. And honestly, the older you get and muddle through various aspects of parenting yourself, you realize that your youthful ideas about being a parent were just that...youthful.

4. Is there a book out there that changed your life?

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. This book completely changed the way I saw not only storytelling, but life as well. It connected myth and reality for me. I’ve never been able to see a movie, read a book, or go through my world and not think about “the Hero Journey.”

5. Was this book inspired by a particular event or happening in your life or was it just brilliant random moment?

I guess it was just a random idea I had about a boy and a girl whose stars were crossed...really I suppose I was thinking one day about fate. I was thinking about some of the traumatic things in my life and realized all those were fate as well as all the good things. Mind blown.

6. When you hit a road block in writing how do you overcome?

I walk or run on the treadmill in my office...or pick up dog poop. Really, I like to just walk and listen to music and let my mind wander. And then there’s always my sister. She always knows what to say. I’ve not written anything in about two months, because I’m percolating. I wasn’t sure what direction I was going to go in...the it hit me. I really want to return to the mythology. There’s always on line dating sites if you want to entertain yourself. Truly I could write a book on it.

7. What is your favorite writing snack/drink?

I like wine or hot lemon water. I don’t really snack when I’m writing.

8. You get an opportunity to spend the afternoon with your favorite author. Who is it and how will you spend your time together?

This is hard and I’m going to cheat on my answer. There are three authors who I talk to a lot on Facebook, but we’ve never met: Chastity Bush, Kendall Gray and Micalea Smeltzer. I’ve read their books, chatted, shared stuff...they crack me up. So, I want to meet all of them at a lunch in a beachside restaurant in Santa Monica that stretches into dinner, too much wine, food and laughing. I hope we’d talk about everything under the sun.

9. What was the biggest challenge you faced writing this work?

Trying to revise and revise. It got to the point where I didn’t want to even look at it any more.

10. What is your advice to aspiring authors who are penning their first work as we speak?

Keep writing and don’t let anyone tell you that your dream isn’t practical or doable. Do it any way. Do it for yourself. Find someone who will tell you your work sucks and why. Then, fix it. Don’t worry about negative reviews. I’ve had some. It burns. But, a reader took time to consider your work. Be grateful, because what if no one read it ever? That would be a hard burn:)


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