Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So... I've got some news. 

I'm getting married.  :) 

And I'm floundering in term papers which are all due by April 12th. My finals are then due by May 4th so between now and then it's gonna be sparse! We can't wait to rejuvenate for the spring. Eeee!

Bear with us! Both Tori (who is healing marvelously by the way and finally got to go back to work this week) and I have been THRILLED with the support from our readers. Even though this has been a bit of a down month we've reached a record number in our visits and are very thankful for all of you. 

We're both so ready for the upcoming spring so we can get back to READING. I have a TBR list that just won't quit! (And I'm certainly not asking it to). 

Hope all of you are enjoying you first weeks of spring!

Until Next Blog, 

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