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Tori Review: "Mythos" by Vrinda Pendred


Title: Mythos
Author: Vrinda Pendred
Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural
Publication: January 1, 2013


17-year-old Itzel Loveguard has a secret. The stories she can’t seem to stop writing...sometimes they come true. And now she thinks she may have killed her own father.

But she’s not the only one. Her estranged half-brother Oz and his unfailingly charming friend Seth can do things too. And so can the handsome grey-eyed boy, who seems to have stepped right out of Itzy’s dreams and has been travelling to London in search of the mysterious black pulse.

Suddenly, Itzy is flung on an emotional journey as she struggles to come to terms with her traumatic past – and it leads her into a strange new world of magic and mythology.

Now she finds herself questioning everything she’s ever believed...and wondering who her father thought was coming for her

Whew…that was entirely unexpected. I don’t know that I have read anything quite like Mythos in well…ever. I was sucked in so completely that I might as well have been hypnotized and solidly glued to my chair. Maybe throw in a little duct tape for good measure. There was no putting this book down. I would contemplate a snack break and think that I would stop after just one more chapter for a trip to the fridge. Nope. No dice. Just-one-more-chapter turned into ten and I found myself ignoring the embarrassingly loud growling of my belly to continue my dalliance within the world that Vrinda Pendred so uniquely crafted and set before me.

Pendred has a way of creating scenes with such an artistic hand that I can close my eyes and watch powers manifest like vibrant hues being stitched across a canvas with all the elegance of a pianist at work. I was transfixed. I was haunted. But most of all, I was surprisingly moved. I came away from this read feeling as if my mind actually bent a little. Strange to be sure. But appealing nonetheless.

Itzel Loveguard. Let’s ignore for a moment the bizarrely awesome character name that shall stick with me for years and concentrate on her ability. Her writing has the power to make things happen. I was, sadly, a little jealous. Who hasn’t secretly wished for that power? I know I have on many, many occasions. I enjoyed watching Itzy…transform, as blossom is just not the correct word for her metamorphosis throughout the book.

However, I have to say…my one and only complaint was the romantic aspect of the plot. I feel as if perhaps, instead of a love triangle, the reader is presented with a square instead. The addition of one too many guys orbiting Itzy made for a whiplash effect when her mind and heart finally worked out where it was supposed to stay.

4 quills to Mythos! I will certainly be interested to see just how much the next installment of The Descendants series can knock me off my axis.

Happy Reading!


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