Monday, January 5, 2015

Lea Christine and Auggie-Talk's Blog Makeover Giveaway!


A year ago we scoured the interwebz for the perfect blog designer to help give Auggie-Talk an overhaul. I am the pickiest thing, and refused to settle for anything less than my dream blog. Thankfully, there was Lea. She took my ideas and made them a reality and she can do the same for you!

To prove Lea's awesomeness she is giving away some righteous custom designs here on Auggie-Talk to a few special winners!

Meet my favorite blog designer below and be sure to register to WIN an awesome custom blog banner or social media links for your own blog!(Below)

About Lea

Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Lea and I am the one-man band behind Lea Christine Designs, a web and graphic design studio that specializes in fully custom vector graphics for both Blogger and WordPress sites. I'm also an avid reader of English history, a pug-lover, Starbucks addict, and organic smoothie expert :)

As a designer, creating fun unique looks is my passion. Whether it's drawing by hand and creating totally one-of-a-kind graphics, or rolling up my sleeves to get into coding, my goal is to bring your creative visions to life! [Will send attached images of me with profile pic and also sketching out my graphics...]

Starting Out

So how did I get into design you may ask? Well that's an interesting question, because 3 years ago I had no clue this is what I'd be doing. In fact, I went to school to become a librarian and spent a few years working on a much-loved book blog (some of you might remember) called "LC's Adventures in Libraryland." Like many people, I started blogging having no clue what I was doing. But little by little, I built up a following, and started experimenting with the design of my blog. The problem was, all of those Blogger templates were such a snooze, and none of the graphics I could find on iStock looked like "me"-- and plus I didn't want to pay for stock images. So I decided to make my own-- people seemed to like what I was doing on my own site, asked me to help them with theirs, and that's pretty much how I started designing!

My graphics
Here are just a few examples of graphics I've created for past clients-- each one was created from their imagination!!

Past web design work

Almost all of my designs include custom graphics that I drew by hand according to each client's unique vision and specifications. I have also used scrapbook kits to combine other graphics with my own, as Auggie Talk is an example of. Here are some of my other favorite designs!


Lea Christine Designs Today

A little over two years a later, and I am doing web and graphic design full-time. It's a challenging but very worthwhile business, where I learn something new everyday, and have had the opportunity to design over 40 fully-custom designs for some amazing clients, Audra being one of them! I know how important it is to have your own "space" on the web that reflects YOU and who you are, that is probably the number one thing I aim for when designing. Your blog is your online home, and it's my goal to make that home a place where you and your readers love to hang out! If you've been thinking of getting a makeover for your site, or just need a few extras to jazz up your blog, please feel free to stop over to me design shop and see what I can offer you :)

Lea's Links

Blog Makeover Giveaway! 

First Place

(1) Custom Blog Header** and matching Blog Background ($105 value)

Second & Third Place:
YOUR CHOICE of (4) Custom Social Media Buttons
(1) Custom Rating System ($45 value)

**Please note, custom header does not include vector illustration.

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic prize! I am definitely entering...and I have just seen your Winter Reading Challenge post too! So bookmarking this blog :)

  2. This seems awesome! I have been thinking of getting the background and title of my blog redone for a while now, especially as I am starting to see it as not appealing. Hopefully I am in for something!

    Check out my review:

  3. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!