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Featured Friday: Interview with Hank Quense

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Today we have an interview with January's featured Author Hank Quense. 

Hank Quense

Hank Quense is a Satirical Fantasy author who takes some of your favorite stories and turns them on their heads! King Arthur? Shakespeare? They've all been re-imagined in intriguing and hilarious ways!

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Interview with Hank Quense
1.    What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of being a self published author? 

Its probably that you have to do everything by yourself.  You need to have a strong grasp of what has to be done to get a book published and then make sure that all the steps are completed.  Marketing is another difficulty and it never ends.

2. What would you say is one of the most rewarding parts of self-publishing your own books.  
A rewarding part to me is that I dont have to conform to someone elses schedule.  Im my own boss and Im in control of the process.  Those are important issues to me.

3. On the same note, what would you say is one of the most rewarding parts of being a writer. 
I love it when all the story ideas come together and I can complete the story design work.  After that I can begin writing the first draft.

4. Were there ever any times where you felt completely discouraged as a writer? What did you do to encourage yourself?
Occasionally I
ve felt disheartened by the lack of marketing success, but not as a writer.  To counter that, I think about all the progress Ive made to date.  It can only get better in the future.

To encourage myself as a writer, I think about all the stories I havent written yet.

5. Name one book that inspired you as a child. Why is this book special? 
I cant think of such a book I read as a child.  Ive been reading all my life but I cant recall any special book when I was a child.

6. Growing up, did you know you wanted to be a writer or did you realize it in your adult life? 
In high school, I used to write funny, very short stories during boring classes and pass them around the class.  I got a lot of classmates in trouble for laughing because that is frowned on by Jesuits.  I forgot about writing while going to college and afterward when working.  At some point I decided I wanted to write fiction as my next career and started writing stuff and reading books on writing fiction.

7. Three most indispensable items for authors?
First and foremost, creativity and the courage to pursue ideas and see where the creativity will lead you.

Second, the ability to design a story.  By that I mean taking the story elements such as characters, setting, plot, scenes and all the other stuff required in a story and package them into a complete story design.

Third, the ability to successfully use story-telling techniques to write a story that will hold the readers attention and entertain them.

8. Do you have a favorite snack or drink that you like to nibble/sip on while writing?
I write early in the morning and I drink coffee during most of that time.  I dont eat snacks, but I do listen to music.  I have 1800+ tracks on my laptop consisting of old jazz, classic pieces, symphonies, pop and opera.  I usually tell iTunes to just play whatever music it wants to although some mornings I feel like listening to a particular type of music.

9.  What was the most recent book you finished and what did you think? 
I just finished two books: The Quest by Nelson DeMille and The Assignation Option by W.E.B. Griffin.  Both were mediocre stories in my opinion.  Three stars each.

10. Do you have any advice or encouragement for our readers who are aspiring authors?
Dont wake up one morning and decide youre a novelist.  Take the time to learn the craft of designing and writing fiction before you tackle a novel.  The best way to learn the craft is to write short stories and have them critiqued by other writers. After youve sold a few stories (in paying markets) you can think about a novel.


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