Monday, December 1, 2014

Month In Review! November 2014


Happy December, book babes!

Tori and I are CRAZY busy  trying to get through finals
 (both as students and Librarians working at schools)
 but we've been trying to read up a storm because the end of
 FALL READING CHALLENGE is coming ever so close, and our 
goals are within sight!

On this, the first day of December, we'd like to recap all the fun that went on last month, and give you a heads up for coming events.

Here we go!



Book Blitzes!

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Fall Reading Challenge
Update #4 11/13/14
Update #6 11/27/14

Morganville Vampire Shenanigans!

Episode 1 -- Glass House
Episode 2 -- Bite Me 
Episode 3 -- Sucks to Be You
Episode 4 -- High on Life
Episode 5 -- Burn
Episode 6 -- Owned

What To Look Forward To

A small peek at SOME of the books you'll be seeing in December
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12291438 21444891

Be sure to come check out all the fun stuff that's going on here this Christmas season.

We may even have a *dun dun dun* special GIVEAWAY! Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Much love from both of us to all you readers that keep this blog going. 

Until Next Blog,

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  1. You have had quite the month and it looks like you have some pretty good reads ahead of you as well! I am looking forward to seeing how all of those play out as well.

    Check out my review and giveaway: