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Author Spotlight: D.E Haggerty

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We're very happy to be introducing to you D.E. Haggerty, a multifaceted,  eclectic, and very intelligent author who has written some intense, attention gripping works.

Let us introduce her to you and her works and encourage you to pick up one of her books! (Life Discarded was recently released).

A special interview with the author is featured at the bottom! Don't miss it!


D.E. Haggerty

I was born and raised in Wisconsin but think I’m a European (a cloggy to be exact). After spending my senior year of high school in Germany, I developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. After high school I returned to the U.S. to attend college ending up with a Bachelor’s degree in History at the tender age of 20 while still managing to spend time bouncing back and forth to Europe during my vacations. Unable to find a job after college and still suffering from wanderlust, I joined the U.S. Army as a Military Policewoman for 5 years. While stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, I met my future husband, a flying Dutchman. After being given my freedom from the Army, I went off to law school. I finished law school and moved to the Netherlands with my husband and became a commercial lawyer for more than a decade. When I could no longer handle the law, we upped stakes and moved to Germany to start a B&B. Three years after starting the B&B, I got the itch to try something else and decided to return to one of my first loves: writing. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune, reading and playing lawyer part-time, I write novels and poetry, blog about everything under the sun and review books.

Contact information:
Twitter handle: @denaehaggerty

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Book Blurb for Life Discarded

 Title: Life Discarded
Author: D.E. Haggerty
Genre: Contemporary Thriller
Publication: September 1, 2014
Pages: 123


Why would a woman who has it all throw her life away? Morgan has the perfect life. She married the man of her dreams. Daniel is smart, gorgeous and successful. Everything she has always wanted in a husband and the father of her children. But he’s also domineering, overprotective and jealous. Is living with him enough to drive Morgan over the edge? Or does something more treacherous lurk beneath the façade?

A gorgeous, sweet woman that is oblivious to her own beauty. She’s shy with men, but a rock to her friends. A librarian in a small town in the mid-west. She’s been waiting a long-time to find the one.

An accountant in the city who will do anything to be the youngest partner in his firm. He always gets what he wants and he wants Morgan. He will pursue Morgan until she submits.

They rush through a courtship and marry within a year of meeting. Morgan’s life is perfect. She has a job she loves, a best friend for which she would do anything and a husband that completes her. But things are not often as they appear. Behind closed doors the loving Daniel that Morgan married is jealous and overprotective. Sometimes he’s even domineering.

Morgan runs away – destroying everything in her path as she disappears. What made this good girl go bad?
Interview with D.E. Haggerty

1. What sparked your interest in becoming an author? 

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t writing and inhaling books (I still inhale books. The Kindle is my addiction). I never considered it a career choice as I’m (or I guess I should say used to be) very ambitious. As a lawyer, I was going to change the world! After more than a decade of working 60 plus hours and not changing a darn thing, I became disillusioned and went back to my first love (after a stint as a B&B owner because giving up on ambition is tough!). 

2. Who are the authors that have inspired you the most?

Gosh that’s always such a difficult question. I love the way these writers portray stories: Khaled Hosseini, Arundhati Roy, Wally Lamb, Jane Austen, John Irving.

3. Are any of your characters' reflections of your own self or those you know?

There is always a bit of someone I know in each of my characters. There isn’t a particular character that is a certain friend or relative, but rather each character is an amalgamation of friends and relatives.

4. Was the idea for this book inspired by something in particular? Or did it just come from a sudden creative epiphany?

I remember on 9/11 a colleague of mine remarked that it would be great to just be able to walk away from your life. I thought he was completely crazy, but the older I got the more tempted I was to run away. Of course, I couldn’t. I have a husband, a mortgage and other boring adult obligations. I couldn’t help but wonder what would it take for someone to walk away from their life – leaving friends and family behind forever. And thus the kernel for Life Discarded was planted. 

5. Did you already have the story in your head and ready to write or did it kind of just develop as you went along?

Because I write suspense and mystery, I need to have most of the story already in my head before I sit down to write. It’s just the vague basis though. As I’m writing, I’ll discover certain aspects don’t work and revise. Normally, my outline changes at least once a week while I’m writing.

6. How long did it take you to pen your first book.

My very first book, which I will NEVER publish, took me years to write. Once I finally finished it, the floodgates opened and I was able to write stories much quicker.

7. What was one thing you did to keep yourself focused and writing even when you had writers block?

You have to keep writing. If a book is not working, then I work on a blog article or a book review. If all else fails, I take a break and go for a run. For some reason, running clears my mind and gets the creative juices flowing. I’m sure the other gym members think I’m nuts when I jump off the treadmill to take a note on my phone!

8. Ever burn the midnight oil while writing your books? What was your preferred “stay awake” drink? Coffee, Tea, or other?

I’m not one of those writers that goes crazy with writing at all hours of the night. As a former corporate attorney and business owner, I’ve burnt all the midnight oil a body can manage. I set goals for myself with my writing and I stick to those. I guess you never unlearn the discipline taught in the military J
9. Do you have a motto that kept you going even through the tough spots?
My motto is stolen from Nike: Just Do It. Best slogan ever!
10. What is your advice to aspiring authors who are penning their first work as we speak?

Can I repeat my slogan? Just do it! Don’t overanalyze every little thing. Get the book finished. You can always go back and edit it later! Get that story written. 

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