Sunday, May 18, 2014

Auggie-Talk's New Design!

I know you've noticed it!

We've got a new design, and we're so very excited. We're still working out some kinks (such as the white background behind a lot of things) and a few more things will be changing over the next day or two, so if something is funky just be patient and it'll be fixed in no time!

We'll still be doing some overhauling with the way you see things.

    • Some of the navigation is now located on your right instead of at the top of the posts.
  • Cleaning Up and New Images: Currently there are some white outlines around old images. These will all eventually be removed except in the very old posts.
  • New Post Previews: We'll feature our latest and greatest on a slideshow conveniently at the top!

  • Advertising: We're going to start advertising blogs, authors, and publishing houses so keep a look out for new people, books, and things to see!
  • Authors Services: Starting in June we'll begin offering services such as Editing, Research, Proofreading, and New Media Marketing.
  • That's not all! There will be more great changes on the way so keep watching and reading! More than anything we hope that you'll choose to become part of our community by submitting a review.

I'm so very very excited and so very thankful to Lea Christine at!

We're back from holiday with all sorts of new and fun things ahead!

We can't wait and THANK YOU for sticking with us during this transition.

Love and hugs to you, my dears!

Until Next Blog,

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