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Review: Never Google Heartbreak

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Today we have a review for a very refreshing romance.


17263485Title:  Never Google Heartbreak
Author:  Emma Garcia
Genre: Romance
Publication: March 14, 2013
Pages:   352


When her fiancé Rob breaks off their engagement for the third time, Viv does what any girl would do - she Googles heartbreak.

Confronted by tales of misery, she decides to set-up her own self-help website for the broken-hearted. But as Viv passes through the three essential stages of grief (denial, vodka, disastrous haircut), she becomes determined that it's not too late to try and get Rob back.

When things get out of hand after a drunken declaration of love at an extremely inappropriate moment, Viv's scruffy, tequila-swilling best friend Max is there to pick up the pieces. Viv starts to realise that maybe the real thing has been under her nose all this time, and now - one ex and a massive error of judgement later - she has to face the question:

What's the craziest thing you'll do for love?

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I was very charmed by "Never Google Heartbreak".

Humorous, irreverent, and full of emotions that we have ALL felt at one time or another, "Never Google Heartbreak" takes the reader on a roller coaster adventure through confusion, ecstasy, heartbreak, and self-revelation . Thankfully we come out on the other end of the exhausting experience with a hopeful heart and a new resolve. I was able to relate to Viv almost every step of the way. A misguided, but loving woman who believes that she's only worth anything with Rob, her fiance (off and on). When she loses Rob (seemingly for good) she loses her mind. My laughter was only interrupted by the occasional knowing nod and a shake of the head.

"I know, girl. I know!" I spoke to the pages. "Never Google Heartbreak" is full of quirky romance advice, some wise and some completely absurd. Any lady that's ever had more than one boyfriend is going to be giggling at the Heart-broken questions and the well meaning advice, because we've asked it all and heard it all before!

Emma Garcia knows how to speak to the readers and how to connect to and appeal to those who have ever been through a heart ache (hasn't everyone?). Readers will be rooting for Viv, even through her dumbest behavior. It's like watching a best friend suffer and grow through her own folly and eventually find her own revolution.

You definitely can't help but despise Rob (what a troll) and we all know men like that. Don't we? But readers will be able to understand the way a heart hangs on, hopes, and creates outrageous alternate realities. We can also relate to the way the heart heals, lets go, and eventually moves on. Perhaps to bigger and better things!

Great job, Ms. Garcia! For creating a funny, disastrous, uplifting, embarrassing, and hope filled story that millions can relate to.

Highly recommend.

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  1. I love the title - I just had to check this book out! :-) Sounds like a great read!

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