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We're so excited, dearlings!

AuggieTalk is very happy to introduce to you 2014 first FEATURED AUTHOR:  "Tim Hawken" author of the "Hell Bound" Trilogy. 

Today we spotlight Tim and book 1 in the Trilogy "Hellbound". For the next 4 weeks we'll be hosting a new post featuring Tim and his "Hellbound" Trilogy. Giveaways, Interviews, Interactive Questions, and of course REVIEWS.

Come take a look, explore the websites, and get excited because this is a series you don't want to miss. 

 Featured Author

Displaying TimHawkenwebsize.jpgTim Hawken is dark fantasy writer from Australia.

He holds Bachelor Degrees in Arts and Commerce from Deakin University, majoring in Philosophy, Literature, Journalism and Marketing.

Tim’s first novel was born while on the road, written on aeroplanes and in hotel rooms. Titled Hellbound, the book was discovered on an online writer’s forum by Dangerous Little Books author CJ Werleman (God Hates You, Hate Him Back), who immediately recommended it to his publisher. Hellbound has since been followed by sequels, I Am Satan and Deicide.

In 2013 Tim won the Australian Horror Writer's Association 'Flash Fiction' Story of the Year for his short werewolf piece Moonlight Sonata.

He currently lives with his laptop in Western Australia.

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Featured Book

The Hellbound Trilogy #1

Displaying cover-1.jpgHellbound

• Paperback: 228 pages

• Publisher: Dangerous Little Books (November 28, 2010)

• Language: English

• ISBN-10: 0956427634

• ISBN-13: 978-0956427632


Face to face with Satan, Michael has awoken in the bowels of Hell with no memory of who he is, or why he has been damned.

Hell, however, isn’t what he expected. Rather than the fires of torment, he finds a hedonistic city of gambling, sex, murder and revenge.

With the Devil as his guide, Michael embarks on a quest of self-discovery and self-redemption. But will he get a second chance at salvation? And why is Satan helping him?

Hellbound is a contemporary view of Hell, exploring today’s idea of sin and religion, through witty dialogue and bursts of descriptive prose.

Dark, funny and philosophical.

Praise for Hellbound:

“I can’t wait to read the next books in the trilogy.” *****

“This book is that rarest of gems – completely original. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that was quite like this.” **** –

“This book had the power to make me laugh one moment and to be deeply contemplative the next.” **** – BiblioSanctum

“Without a shadow of a doubt, you’re bound to enjoy this tale.” ****

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We'll see you next week with a GIVEAWAY and REVIEW for the first book in the series.


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