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Review: Even Hippies Get The Blues

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Displaying hippieseBooknew.jpgTitle: Even Hippies Get The Blues
Author: Michel Lee King
Official Release Date: February 21, 2014
Pages: 202 Pages
Genre: Humorous Romance/Literary Humor
Target Audience: Adult Women, New Adult

Synopsis: “Sometimes peace can only come through chaos.”

Amy thought she had it all together. Her goals were set and she was working toward them seamlessly while practicing her peace-loving philosophy.

Her world of blissful ignorance crumbles when Travis, a blond paramedic with a body that can stop a truck, waltzes in to open her eyes... Just after Murphy, and his pesky law, paint a target on her back. How many times can a waitress be interrogated in one day? Just how much orange acrylic paint can get caught in dreads before an interview? How does one retain their composure while dripping paint nude in their living room and staring down a trespassing police officer?


Charming, Refreshing, and Fun
"Even Hippies Get The Blues" was a pleasure to read. I'm still a little new the the entire "New Adult" genre, and felt a little strange at first reading about a main character who is much younger than me and living an adult lifestyle - Job, apartment, real dreams an aspirations (not just to survive High School), but the weirdness went away the moment I got to know "Star". Ms. King has created such a treat of a character with Amy Landry.

Amy Landry is a quirky artist who is very serious about her dreams, thank you very much. While being artistic and open-minded she is in no way flighty or overly "bubbly". Over analytical, a thinker, and creative to boot she's determined to reach her goals, even if that means working a terrifically horrific job as a waitress at a class "D" (for dump) restaurant. I admire her quiet spunk. 

It may have also taken me a few minutes to get over the fact that Amy dips herself in toxic paint for the sake of art. I find that she has a shockingly lax view of her own self preservation in this regard. I suppose, however, that it's to each their own (and to own their each?). 

What I appreciated the most about "Even Hippies Get The Blues" was the likeability of Amy and how real of a person Ms. King fashioned her to be. When I use the word "real" I'm referring to how natural it was to assume Amy was an actual human being NOT a fictional character. I recognized behavior, thoughts, and even decisions that Amy made as behavior, thoughts, and decisions that I could personally claim. Though I may not be able to completely ignore a gorgeous police officer sitting in my apartment for 3 hours while I painted... No, no. I'd get ticked off at the distraction eventually. Amy just forgets he's there. Bravo, girl. Bravo!

Ms. King also touches on some more sensitive points about being a unique person in a world that's a little weirded out by "Uniqueness". While Amy comes off as a very normal, loving, fun individual her outward quirks (dreadlocks specifically) attract a lot of negative attention. Throughout the book she's getting asked awkward questions,  getting verbally abused by narrow minded people, and just in general being shorted on respect for her lifestyle. Thankfully our main gal reigns victorious over all of the pettiness (well, most of it), and readers will be refreshed by her outlook and will to persevere, even when she's bummed out and things seem to be going crap.

The romance aspects were sweet. And I mean chocolate covered strawberry sweet. Suitable for any reader who believes that love is possible. Ms. King has beautifully presented an idea that Even when things are the worst they could be there's an opportunity for change.  Love, for yourself, for another, for your life, and for your passions alters perceptions and intentions and everything becomes new and anything possible.

Love this book. 5 quills.

Author Bio

Michel Lee King writes fiction that has a tendency to mix the light and dark elements of life and focuses primarily on the Literary Fiction and Fantasy genres. Michel is a peace and fun-loving person living in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington state. She is happily married, has one son, two dogs, and a cat. When not consuming copious amounts of coffee, she is writing, editing, or enjoying the outdoors with her family.

She can be found online:
Twitter: @Michel_Lee_King
Facebook: King.Michel.Lee

 Amy wakes tangled in her yellow sheets and unable to extricate herself:

Laying in my womb-like chrysalis, I returned the phone call. On the third ring, my best friend answered. “Hey Amy. How’s it going? Why didn’t you answer?”

I started laughing hysterically at the situation. “I’ve been taken hostage by my sheets and they won’t let me go.”

A long pause followed my announcement. Finally I heard a soft chuckle. “Should I call the police? Or search and rescue?”

“Both,” I snorted mid laugh.

Her chuckle intensified. “Oh my god, you’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m lying here, on the floor, wrapped up like some sunshine burrito, and I can’t get out.”

I had to hold the phone away from my head because she was laughing so hard. “Why are you laughing at a time like this? My dignity is at stake!”

Rustling met my wheezed outburst before the line went dead. Staring up at the stained ceiling, I gave in to the hilarity of my plight. Who else could get themselves this stuck in cotton?

Calmed somewhat, and out of breath, I gave the sheets an honest fight. Sadly, they were winning. Sweating, and only slightly less trapped, I inched my way into the kitchen where the aromatic wonder that was my customary French roast tempted my bruised ego.


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