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Book Blogger Challenge Day 5 - Nonfavorite of 2013

Happy Sunday, my snowflakes!

No Book Gathering today. We probably won't do Book Gatherings for the month of January. Spending to much time trying to reacclimate and change a few things on the blog. PLUS I have a horde of books that I resolve to get read! Sooo maanny boooooks.

Just a quick little update on the Parajunkee Book Blogger Challenge!

Day 5
Worst Book of 2013
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Okay. This book wasn't actually published in 2013 but I read it this year, and to be very honest I didn't read very many yuck books this year (lucky me!). 
So I'm going to post up this one, which was the only one I rated a 1/5 in 2013. 

Here was my review: 

I wasn't impressed at all by this book. When I discovered that it was a book of short stories I was really optimistic because short-story books can be really fun with the constant changing and movement between characters and storylines.

However... this book contained stories that were neither entertaining nor well written. Many of them were not even developed enough to be considered stories. I had to ask myself more than once "What was the point of that?" after reading one of the shorts.

There were a few that were promising, but were too centered around "magical destiny" romance interests to be good.

I felt like many of the stories could have been written by an overly romantic 12 year old, writing about subjects that she knows are popular but doesn't understand... like the drug issues.

All of the stories were very much surface and I find that unappealing in a short-story. To me, though a short story is...well...short, its power is in conveying a message or emotion effectively in a small space of words. Without doing that it just becomes an incomplete thought or an odd and half thought-out daydream.

Honestly, I can't say that none of these stories wouldn't have been good as books. There were a couple that probably could have been enjoyable with a bit more love-and-care. It just seemed like the author was trying to jot one story after another out for the sake of a compilation.

Anyway. Disclaimer here... this is totally my opinion and Ms. Marr's books are popular despite my nonfavoritism. This means that there are PLENTY of people out there who love these books. You may be one of them. Take my review with a grain of salt and go find out for yourself if you like the book.

I know that there are books that I love that others have hated. It's just personal preference.

So, while I have to give this book a 1/5 because I personally didn't like it... you or others might enjoy it.

I wouldn't hand it to you and say it was good, though.

It was better than a kick in the rump, at least...or a kale and spinach smoothie.

You all stay warm. Winter storm Ion is on the move!

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