Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stardust Saturday

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Happy Saturday, my little gumdrops!

Time again for a STARDUST SATURDAY weekly roundup.

Week in Review

2013 Challenge Updates

There's been some glitch in the html that I need to rummage
around and fix. Until then, the little progress bars are out of service.

Let Me Count The Ways Challenge

5,634/ 10,001 pages. 56% done!
Ashes- 290
Embers- 288
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse - 240
Dead Ever After- 338
Fire and Hemlock - 420
The Seat of the Soul - 256
Wait Till Helen Comes - 192
Truth or Dare - 142
Bad Girls Don't Die - 346
The Mastery of Love - 240
Faery Tales and Nightmares - 418
Ruined - 304
Stone Child - 288
The Ghost of Graylock -258
Vespertine - 293
Everneath -370
The Nightmarys - 336
A Bone to Pick - 262
Tempest Rising - 359     

 Paranormal Challenge
Read 1 book for each of the paranormal creatures listed.

7/ 12 books. 58% done!
Werewolves - Tempest Rising
Fey - Faery Tales and Nightmares
Demons - The Nightmarys
Ghosts - The Ghost of Graylock Hal
Other - Fire and Hemlock
Witches and Wizards - Embers
Vampires- Dead Ever After
  A-Z Reading Challenge 
a-z challenge 2013large
Level: None.
Read 26 books with each letter of the alphabet
corresponding to the first letter of one of the book titles.

13/26 books.50% done!
A- Ashes
B- Bone to Pick, A
D- Dead Ever After
E- Everneath
F- Fire and Hemlock
G - Ghost of Graylock Hall, The
M- Mastery of Love, The
N- Nightmarys, The
R- Ruined
S - Seat of the Soul, The
T -Tempest Rising
V- Vespertine
W- Wait Till Helen Comes

Stand-alone Challenge
2013 Standalone Reading Challenge

Level: Only one level for this one.
Read 15 standalone books in the YA/middlegrade category

7 /15 books. 47% done!
1. The Nightmarys
2. Ghost of Graylock
3. The Stone Child
4. The Seat of the Soul
5. The Mastery of Love
6. Wait Till Helen Comes
7. Fire and Hemlock

Book'd Out

Level: No level here.
Read 12 books, one from each category, to complete this challenge.

4/ 12 books. 33% done!

Romantic Suspense- Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
Historical mystery - The Vespertine
Urban Fantasy - Tempest Rising
Published in 2013- Dead Ever After

Historical Fiction Challenge

Renaissance Reader (10 Historical Fiction)

2/ 10 books. 20% done!

The Vespertine
Darker still

Fairy Tale Challenge

Princess Level ( 10 Fairy-Tale books)

2/ 10 books. 20% done!

Fire and Hemlock
Faery Tales and Nightmares

Wishlist Challenge

Read 12 books that you'd like to read
but didn't already have on your shelf!

5/ 12 books. 42% done!

Dead Ever After
The Mastery of Love
The Seat of the Soul
The Ghost of Graylock
The Stone Child
Books Read This Week

Click the book to see go to its GoodReads page.

Book Goals For Next Week

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That's all for this Saturday my darlings.

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