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Review: ASHES (Foresight #2)

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Today is the day! FORESIGHT #2 - ASHES tour!

Those of you who check in pretty frequently know that I reviewed EMBERS (Foresight #1) a few days ago. Here's the link: EMBERS REVIEW.

I enjoyed the first book, was eager to get hands on the second, and was not disappointed!

So here it is:

ASHES by Amy Keen!

 ABOUT   Ashes  (Book #2)
They will not give up…she’s about to find out why
Scarlett barely escaped with her life the last time she ran in to The Venari; but she refuses to spend her days looking over her shoulder.
Determined to be normal, she heads to Europe, only to learn that her wish to blend in is simply not meant to be. With Jake delayed in Salem, Scarlett is vulnerable and forced to rely on new found friends, The Collective; a band of people with gifts like her own.
When her desire to bring an end to her torment leads her to the dark underbelly of Paris, she discovers what The Venari plan for her is not death, but in fact much worse.

  Amy Keen

Amy works in PR by day and spends the rest of the time as a mum, wife, fan-girl and YA author. A total, unashamed book freak, she reads and writes as much as possible and has a penchant for anything ‘wordy’. If there is any time left over after all of the above, she can be found chatting at inhuman speeds, consuming absurd amounts of coffee (writer cliché #1) and attempting to diffuse her perpetual state of shopper’s guilt. Her new novel Ashes just released and her debut novel Embers (Foresight #1) came out in 2012.
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Auggie's Review! 

It's a

This book series just went from "Pretty good" to "WOWIE!" I mean, yikes. I am completely impressed with Ms. Keen! As usual, I'm really honest about my first thoughts, especially when they're upheaved and proven to have been wrong. I wrongly went in to this second book feeling that it might be quite repetitive...  just a lot of repeat activity with a different setting. 

Wrong wrong wrong! 

Not only did Ms. Keen create an even more incredible plot by adding a new entourage of characters (who are actually all very present and not just place holders or NPC space fillers) who are there to add mischief, assistance, and richness to Jake and Scarlett's story. She creates a multi-level storm of secrets that are uncovered slowly, but with enough consistence, to really keep you reading. 

This one was a page turner. 

This book isn't just a Jake and Scarlett party, there are now more characters to question the loyalty of, and even more shenanigans to wonder about. 

Ms. Keen has also transported the reader into a richer setting filled with culturally exciting descriptions and locations to add a bit of spice to a story that may have lost its appeal (sadly) in a suburban Salem setting again. 

The end of this one had me sighing. Why? Because I'm going to have to WAIT for the next one?! What the heck?! I don't want to wait! I was just given all of this juicy new information, all of this revelation that has me going "WTH?!" And now I've got to... have PATIENCE?! 

As my rating will show you... I'm in to this book. EMBERS lured me in, got me interested but kept me complacent enough to be completely flabbergasted by the second FORESIGHT installment.

Awesome mystery, awesome suspense, great romance and love story (still a bit obsessive, but Ms. Keen finds ways to make that kind of okay), and now some rivalry, perhaps?

All YA paranormal mystery/suspense readers are going to WANT to read this one. 

I highly recommend. 


(Seriously Ms. Keen... when is the next one coming out? I'm freakin' out over here.)


Alright, my loves. That's all for Wednesday! 

See you tomorrow with the introduction of a new FEATURED AUTHOR and a great Paranormal read! 

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