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"Wait Till Helen Comes" Review and More "The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages"

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Next week is looking bonkers! I have a Birthday Celebration for my Dad on Sunday, a tremendously tremendous NURSING SCHOOL GRADUATION ceremony to attend for my Sis-In Law (CONGRATULATIONS) and the actual move-in date which includes an all-out-blitz of loading a moving truck, driving to new city, unloading said moving truck, reloading moving truck again with things that won't fit into apartment, relocating said items to storage room somewhere, unpacking and organizing new space... in a day.


Enough about that insanity that I am actually looking forward to! On to the review!

Oh, and more lovely lovely information about the "Book Reviewr Yellow Pages" including a GIVEAWAY!

Wait 'Till Helen Comes
by Mary Downing Hahn
Title:  Wait 'Til Helen Comes
Author:  Mary Downing Hahn
Genre: Middlegrade Supernatural
Publication:   November 2, 1987
Pages:   192


Beware of Helen...Heather is such a whiny little brat. Always getting Michael and me into trouble. But since our mother married her father, we're stuck with her...our "poor stepsister" who lost her real mother in a mysterious fire.

But now something terrible has happened. Heather has found a new friend, out in the graveyard behind our home -- a girl named Helen who died with her family in a mysterious fire over a hundred years ago. Now her ghost returns to lure children into the drown! I don't want to believe in ghosts, but I've followed Heather into the graveyard and watch her talk to Helen. And I'm terrified. Not for myself, but for Heather...

"Wait Till Helen Comes" is an enjoyable mystery/ghost story for young readers that three children that are facing the challenges of becoming a mixed family. The only problem is... one of the children is a total terror who lies, manipulates, and constantly wedges herself between her father and the rest of the family in an attempt to destroy the not-so-happy family.

Actually quite heavy for young readers if you sit back and think about it, but Ms. Hahn has a great way of disguising the real-life troubles with some supernatural ones taking the heavy focus into a realm of "not-real" that younger minds can cope with a little for straight forwardly.

A brother and sister find misery in their family when their mother gets married to a man with a young daughter who is ANYTHING but sweet. Not to mention they're moving out of the city, away from their friends, to an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.

To make matters worse Heather, the tiny terror, finds friendship and comfort in a ghost that is all too set on helping her tear the family apart.

What the reader learns, though, is that Heather's behavior isn't just spoiled rotten attitude... there's a reason behind her acting out that's making her just as miserable as everyone else and it takes the reluctant compassion and understanding of her new older siblings to help her understand that the love of a family can overcome any transgression.

I found this book an enjoyable little read. Obviously very simple as it's directed towards young intermediate readers. I didn't realize that this book was published in the 80's and really... you can't tell. It's a very "out of time" book that could function in this time period as well minus all of the phones, and computers, and little devices that keep kids busy these days.

In this book kids actually had to, you know, *gasp* play outside.

Anyway. The spooks weren't quite spooky enough for kids this day and age. Maybe a few. But with books like "Scary Stories", "Goosebumps" and now Dan Poblacki and his children's-horror wonderbooks, Mary Downing Hahn's "Wait Till Helen Comes" will fall short of the spook expectations a young reader might have. 

It's a book of lessons well learned and I applaud Ms. Hahn for taking up the difficult subjects of divorce, death, and mixed families. I understand that the point is to keep the plot simple-ish and not too convoluted for young readers but I felt like the everything was resolved a little too quickly there at the end... though it was sweet. I admit.

I give this book a 3/5 for youngsters. It'll be a good book to help them get into the swing of reading, and for the more squeamish, yet still adventurous readers the mild level of spookiness will be perfect.


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  1. It has been a LONG time since I read this book, but I am pretty sure that I was 14 or so. And it was a creepy story! That cover is creepy! Reading your wonderful review makes me want to read it again!