Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Gathering #26

Hello my peaches!

It's been a crazy week so far but I've happily been writing reviews (off computer) and I'm giddy with joy at the prospect of finally getting Auggie-Talk back to where I had originally wanted it to be!

I locked my keys in my parent's house this weekend, and they were out of town! Then I left my laptop somewhere totally random and had to wait overnight to get it back. So my laptop was unavailable to me for a few days. That being said I now give you an AUGGIE-TALK BOOK GATHERING a few days late.

Book Gathering #26

I'm currently participating in two great haul memes hosted by Tynga's Reviews and Books, Biscuits, and Tea.

Please give these two lovely blogs a look see and participate in these great meme adventures!


Auggie-Talk Book Gathering Vlog

This book gathering is dedicated to someone who was very special to me that is no longer traveling through this life. He's moved on to the next big adventure. I wish him all of the love and happiness he can stand in the next life and will miss him dearly.

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