Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stardust Saturday

Happy Saturday dearlings!

Don't forget that the CLEAR YOUR SHELF GIVEAWAY is going on right now!  Follow the link below to the giveaway post to enter.

Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop

Now for Stardust Saturday. I'm still getting things going here for the 2013 New Year. A lot of the work has been going on behind the scenes with page updates, html stuffs, and challenge hording.

Despite all of that there's been  *Elvis voice* a  Whole-lotta-readin'-goin'-on. 

Week in Review

2013 Challenge Updates

A complete list of challenges that I'm participating in, along with links to host websites (to sign up yourself!) and my progress pages can be found here.

Let Me Count The Ways Challenge

957/ 10,001 pages. 9% done!

 Paranormal Challenge
Read 1 book for each of the paranormal creatures listed.

2/ 12 books. 17% done!
A-Z Reading Challenge
a-z challenge 2013large
Level: None.
Read 26 books with each letter of the alphabet
corresponding to the first letter of one of the book titles.

3/26 books.12% done!

Stand-alone Challenge
2013 Standalone Reading Challenge

Level: Only one level for this one.
Read 15 standalone books in the YA/middlegrade category
Auggie's Stand-Alone Progress Page

1 /15 books. 6% done!

Book'd Out

Level: No level here.
Read 12 books, one from each category, to complete this challenge.

1/ 12 books. 8% done!

Books Read This Week

Partially through the following: 

Book Goals For Next Week

That's all for this Saturday my darlings.

I'm finally going to go see "The Hobbit" this afternoon. I read the book when I was... *tries to remember* in Jr. High? So around 12 years ago?!

Needless to say I remember very little of it. I need to read it again... but at least I read the book before I saw the movie!

Enjoy your weekends love doves!

See you tomorrow for another BOOK GATHERING!

Until Next Blog,

Read On!


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