Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Gonna Be a Librarian!

Dear readers,

I'm so excited!

I recieved an acceptance letter today! I officially start my Masters in Library Science in the fall!

I am BEYOND ecstatic.

I was actually getting a little exhausted with worry lately over a lot of life issues that cropped up regarding work and future in general. This acceptance letter has taken all of the worry and anxiety from my shoulders. I am blessed and incredibly happy!

My little brother wrote a song for me to commemorate this momentous occasion: 

(Without his knowing, I wrote this down while he ad-libbed on his guitar. Thanks little brother!)


Got into school
She's gonna teach people to read


She's gonna spend more money
Gonna be broke as me!

No way out!
Pay them money 'till you shout!

5 years later she'll be in a library
Teachin' kids about
Ron & Harry

Because Harry Potter is her favorite book

She don't care about those looks
That she gets from creepy guys in the fiction section
Who all they can think about is...



10 years down the road
She'll find some weird guy
That likes the same shit she does
She'll see it in his eyes

They'll read all the time
And have a bunch of cats.

She's Miss Librarian. "

I love all of you.

Things will be back to normal on Auggie-Talk soon.

Until Next Blog,

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  1. That is so awesome! Congrats! I'm thinking about going for an MLS as well. Hope you enjoy your classes!