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Review: The Rebel Bride

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The following review is not intended for all audiences. No gory details, but this book was pretty bad and there was a particular reason why,  which I'm going to discuss openly. So if the discussion of forced intimacy bothers you, just skip this one.

"The Rebel Bride"
Catherine Coulter
Title: The Rebel Bride
Catherine Coulter
Historical Romance
  March 7, 2006


Clearly young Lady Katharine Brandon was a beauty, with her rich auburn hair, striking green eyes, flawless face and form. But a beauty was one thing Katharine clearly had no interest in being.

She dressed in a young man's breeches, practiced dueling with pistol and rapier, gambled with cards, defied her father's commands and evaded all suitors.

Imagine Katharine's surprise when the fabulously wealthy, notoriously pleasure-loving , Julien St. Clair, Earl of March, demanded her as his wife. Imagine her dismay when her father asked and received his pricefor yielding her to this man. But no one in all of English society could ever imagine what could happen when a lord who would not be denied and a woman who refused to be mastered turned marriage into a game in which it took far more than love to conquer all ....


In general... it was slow, predictable, and aggravating. Not to mention that it is downright offensive to have a the main male character rape his wife... and then that be okay later.

There you go. I think that aside from the fact that it was pretty slow and the story itself wasn't that interesting... I just had a really big problem with how domineering and overpowering the main male role was. It wasn't endearing, he wasn't being overprotective... he actually destroyed his wife emotionally in some grand master plan to get her to love him. Wow.

Not to mention that this woman didn't want to get married in the first place. So now she's been forced into marriage and she's been forced into the marriage bed (okay, might I also add that the husband pretended to be a stranger and ABDUCTED her? So the main female role had NO IDEA what was going on. How is that sexy?)

Oh, and we find out towards the end that that our main character had been raped as a child, but the author makes sure that the "husbands" actions actually help her heal from her past trauma. Uh... What?

I wanted to slap the main male role throughout the entire book.

Ok, but see.. you know what makes EVERYTHING better? A baby. She's pregnant and now the whole world is happy.

Ah, but wait. Because her husband is an ass, she ends up running her horse right into a bush (or something, can't recall) and flies off, causing a miscarriage. ALL OF THIS HAPPENS and the book ends happily with the two goopily in love. Right.  

I guess I just can't get past how unlovable the main male role was. He didn't just posture... he was legitimately a jerk. At least he had the decency in the end to fell bad about his behavior, but I say damage already done.

It's just not believable that a woman could still fall head over heels in love with a man that put her through that kind of misery.

Plus, I don't like the way he yells at her and gets away with that kind of behavior. He's always raising his voice and demanding that she do this or that, and regardless of the fact that she's supposed to be stubborn and strongwilled she still gets jerked around. Bravo for such  an inspiring love story  Ms. Coulter. Bravo indeed.

I haven't read any of Coulter's other books. Honestly, I plan on picking up a few others. I doubt that this woman's Romances became so popular if they were all that bad.

Every author with long series will have one or two duds, surely. So, I cast no judgement on Ms. Coulter as an author. I just didn't like this book very much. Hopefully the next one will change my mind about her writing.

Anyway. I don't recommend this one. Try one of her others, and I will too.

Okay, not the most pleasant of posts today. I just had to rant about this.

Alright. So that was our Tuesday Romance post. I'm not going to keep the Romance reviews confined to just Tuesday but at least you'll know when exactly you can expect one.

Well my love doves! You all have a great Tuesday and come back tomorrow for WEDNESDAY WISHLIST!

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  1. Well, Auggie! This does sound stupid. A main male character rapes his wife? how original. And then she falls for him? smooth. And they she gets pregnant? expected. And then she miscarriages? totally off the mark. I am definitely not reading this, but I will probably try one of the other books of hers.
    GREAT review,
    Your reader,