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Review: Lie By Moonlight

Hello my darlings!

To start off, this is the first Romance that I've reviewed here on Auggie-Talk.

I want to preface by saying that I have a very particular taste in Romance novels and a lot of the series romances fall short of being entertaining. I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan and until recently I never really picked any other Romance author up.

Then my mom suggested Amanda Quick and a few others. We went to a used bookstore and had fun giggly girl time picking out a slew of romance novels.

I started one or two and just couldn't get into them (Rebel Bride by Anne Coulter was awful), and I had a sneaking suspicion that I just wasn't going to be a Romance type gal.

Then... Magic! I fell into Amanda Quick's book "Scandal" and was intrigued and charmed. Ms. Quick's main characters are bubbly, strong, quick-witted, but also very flawed in very believable ways. Not to mention the last few books I've read by her featured main characters with glasses. Glasses are beautiful! 

Romance in general is all pretty much the same, so you have to find someone that appeals to your writing-style tastes and who can really build a story. If all the book is about is building up to the "whoopee" moments, then it's a waste of time.

Also, I prefer mild language during the steamy scenes or I get offended. Yeah. That's right. I'm offended by porn slang in my reading. Surprise. Excuse my dainty sensibilities.

Anyway. I'm going to start adding the Romance genre in to some of my reviews. In fact, I might even make it a special day to replace TRILOGY TUESDAYS this next year, because honestly... the trilogies I've started reading recently are so blah that I can't get to the next books.

Okay! So on to the actual review!

"Lie By Moonlight"
Amanda Quick
Title: Lie By Moonlight
Amanda Quick
Historical Romance
  April 25, 2008


Quick's quirky heroines and stoic heroes are at the fore in her latest outing. Concordia Glade figures out almost immediately that her new position as tutor to four orphaned girls isn't quite on the level. Isolated in a remote castle, they soon realize that escape, however daring, is their only recourse. However, Concordia doesn't bargain on private investigator Ambrose Wells. Wells's latest case has led him to the castle, where the escape is already in progress, and he finds himself sucked into the maelstrom, surprisingly pleased to be there.


I was pleased with this Romance, mostly because the story was so interesting. This teacher, Concordia (What a name!),  escapes a burnings castle (they set the castle on fire themselves by the way) with her students. Bad guys are on their tail and it's up to our heroine to save the lives of these young women.

In comes tall, dark, and handsome. Ambrose kind of takes over, but not really because our heroine didn't have things under control. His showing up is more of just a happy accident. So, we don't necessarily have a "Man rushes in and saves the day" situation, because lady was already saving it... she just got some extra help.

Anyway.  There's a really well developed mystery going on about why the girls were pretty much being schooled and raised properly to be farmed as wealthy wives for underclass crooks. More than once I just wanted to punch one of the bad guys right in the nose.

Concordia is very intelligent and very independent, but not so independent that she's frosty and unlikeable. She likes Ambrose from the get-go, so not a lot of pretending not to like each other, which aggravates me the majority of the time. She's also very loving, with a touch of sisterly/motherly to her that softens her up and makes her even more likeable as a character.

Ambrose is, you know, your general awesome hero. He's got the jaded past, the unbelievable smarts, the wealth, and the smarts. But he's also funny, indulgent with the girls (like a brother or father), and not overly protective or "Me Man, You Woman".

The "romantic" parts weren't over the top or so frequent as to be a hindrance to the storyline. As a matter of fact Ms. Quick made one of them turn out downright hilarious. I appreciate this.

There's mystery, wit, and adventure in "Lie By Moonlight" along with a great story of a woman that's not afraid of herself, her feelings, or her dreams.

Applause to all the Concordia's out there. May there be an Ambrose for each of you!

That's all for this Tuesday, my dolls!

See you tomorrow for WEDNESDAY WISHLIST!

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