Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Update

Hello my darlings!

I hope that this post finds you all very well indeed!

I'm throwing this post out there because I want you all to know that I'm still here! I'm just doing a lot of update work on Auggie-talk. The updating and preparing for next year is taking up a lot of time, so I've had to put a regular post aside.

Not to mention we had a snowstorm yesterday which cut out our power last night and the majority of today. It was a White Christmas after all... but we here in the south just don't know how to deal with snow and ice. It doesn't happen that often. So boom. We were trapped in the house with no electricity, boiling water in the fireplace for coffee. Extremely entertaining.

Luckily the power came back on earlier this evening... though the wires they had just restrung from the downed pole WERE on fire when we passed them on our way home. Hm. Guess someone took care of that.

I'll be very happy to post another review for you guys tomorrow. The rest of December is going to be kind of iffy with the reviews but once January gets rolling things should be back on schedule!

The new year is coming!

What are your resolutions?

Until Next Blog,

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