Monday, November 5, 2012

Manic Monday: "Supernatural"

I now dub our new random book-ish posts "Manic Monday".

There we go. Lot's of new stuff going on here, yes?

Not a lot of time today unfortunately lovies. Doubles all weekend and an unexpected extra shift today (who's complaining? Christmas is right around the corner and 'Christmas Present Money Making' is critical) means that a review just wasn't in the cards for this lovely Monday morn'.

I will however share with all of you something I particularly love.

Okay okay. I know what you're thinking. "But, Auggie... this is not book related." Ah ha!!!! That is where I have come to prove you wrong my delightful readers.

Supernatural has quite an extensive book treasure trove stemming from one corner of the book realm (Season companions) to the other (Stand alone books written by different authors).

Basically today I am sharing with all of you my guilty pleasure. Well, maybe not so much guilty. I openly adore this show and have since season one along with the rest of my family, especially the brothers.

If you've never been introduced to Supernatural (or the books) I recommend that you go on and get yourself together! What have you been doing?! What is more important, praytell, than watching/reading about a dynamic brother duo kick demon/monster hide from one corner of the US to the other?

And this is not just about handsome demon hunters. Oh no. (Though they are pretty good looking, aren't they.) The philosophy and psychology behind Supernatural will keep you talking if you're one who actually seeks deeper meaning in otherwise mindless entertainment.

These books (and the show) are great for those of you out there who enjoy dense supernatural elements with a side of in-your-face attitude. Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Amazons and a slew of deities from Greek to Mayan all make an appearance unlike the absentee 'God' who seems to be on vacation while the battle for control of the world wages amongst man-kind and not-so-man-kind.

Anyway. If you're just not into that sort of thing, alright, that's fine. No one is judging you. You can just enjoy the lovely little picture of our two heroes and call it a day.

Well my love doves I'm off to sort books and make preparations for holiday cheer.

Until Next Blog,

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  1. This show is awesome!
    Loved the episode with the Mayan heart eater....Or was it Aztec? Anywho loved it!