Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still No Internet. Disliking Internet Companies.

Still no Internet, guys.

I'm about to go bonkers. I've been using my phone internet to hop on every now and then for e-mails, but I only have a 2g data plan. Seems like a lot until you start using your phone to do online class assignments and download necessary internet-class videos.  Aaaaaaaaaargh!

Regardless of internet connection at my home I've decided to make it a point to start blogging again despite any issues this Sunday. I will travel across town to Starbucks, I'll raid my parents house for internet usage. Whatever needs to be done. I've been itching to get back to it and I've read a lot of really great books that I can't wait to introduce to you guys!

We'll get it worked out. Hopefully you'll be seeing me post before Sunday, but if not then you can expect me to start then at least.

I hope everyone is taking good good care and reading lots and tons.

Until Next Blog (hopefully soonish rather than laterish)

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  1. How annoying!! It's amazing how reliant we've become on internet in such a short amount of time. I'd feel like my right arm had been cut off without it! Hope you get it sorted soon. I'm reading Anna Karenina at the moment. Not my usual choice, but it's for my book club. I'm quite enjoying it, but will be pleased to move onto something new.
    - Laura