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Bout of Books Mini-Challenge

Good Monday all of you readers out there!

I'm so so sorry that we have a late post this morning for the Bout of Books Mini-Challenge. We've been experiencing some internet glitches here at our vacation getaway. Thanks for being patient.


Remember, the challenge only lasts 24 hours! Since I started late I'll not choose someone until 9 tomorrow morning. So you have plenty of time to join the fun!


Today's challenge is:

Bout of Books Mini-Challenge
My Literary Best Friend!

Everyone has that one character. The character that they know they could relate to, get along with, have fun with, and laugh with. A literary BFF!

Tell us who your literary BFF is and why they're your always friend. What do you guys do together? What do you talk about? Get creative and let us know who your Literary Best Friend is!


One random commenter will be chosen to receive their choice of a book from the Book Depository (up to $15).

The most creative post will receive
swag featuring their BFF character!!!

Alright guys. Let us know! Literary BFF!!!

CONTEST IS OVER! Thank you guys for so many fantastic entries! I'm excited to choose the winners. It's going to be a tough one. SO MANY good and creative ideas!

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  1. Hehehehe OK my literary BFF would be Simon from City of Bones (sorry Clary!!). I'd love to hang out with his band (even if they are terrible) and we'd get coffee and make fun of passerbys. He's funny and very witty (no matter what Jace tells him) and a total geek like the guys I hang out with already. I feel as though we would get along splendidly. :)

  2. Oh, I think I have to choose Penny, that is, Miss Penelope Featherington from Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mr Bridgerton. I just love her so much it hurts. :3 She’s a spinster who always lurks around the corners of the ballrooms because guys are too stupid to notice just how precious she is, and since that would totally be my case too, we could pair up and:

    -be spinsters together;
    -make fun of people passing by — just to ourselves;
    -eat all the morsels we could find;
    -dance together, damn the incredulous stares coming our way;
    -rate the gentlemen on a hotness scale;
    -rate the ladies on a bitchiness scale.

    It would be so much fun! :D

    Also posted on my updates post
    Thanks for the fun challenge, Auggie !

    jen7waters at gmail dot com

  3. I chose two. Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series.

    Melissa C @ Must Read Faster

  4. My BFF would be Sophie Green from Kate Johnson's Run Rabbit Run.

    She's an ex-spy: she's fierce and she's got a great sense of humour - and she's someone who I had an instant connection with. I love her because she's funny and we're both sarcastic. We're on the run and trying to track down a criminal. :D

  5. Oh boy! Good question. I feel like I relate really well to Calla from the Nightshade series. She's so headstrong and stubborn like I am, and I feel like we'd have so much fun together!

  6. And thanks for this challenge :). I'm in !
    Here is the link of my post with the answer of the question :
    My email :

  7. I think my literary BFF would be Stephanie Perkins. :) I love her! I think we would talk about boys and whatnot.

    I even wrote a song about her!

    Great challenge!

  8. I recently finished reading Lengths by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt. I saw myself in the MC Whit, I definitely could see myself hanging out with her and all of the other characters in the book! Visiting the tattoo parlor, going to just chill out with Deo's mom. They are an incredibly close knit little family

  9. My Literary BF is Hermoine Granger. With her being a Muggle my dream trip to England would of couse include a chance meeting with her :) We would have tea and hit used bookstores. Id teach her some yoga and she might slip and share a bit of the magical world with me. Then Ron would pop up and we would all go for a round at a local pub!
    Great challenge!

  10. This is such a great challenge! It really made me think about which literary character I really connected with throughout my reading history. But I finally settled for one! Check out my story with my BFF here: :DD

    Thanks for the awesome challenge!

  11. It was a hard one, because I could pick so many for different reasons BUT...

    Gabi from Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren. She is adventuresome and I see us exploring caves and archaeological sites or stomping around a castle or two. She fights to protect those she loves and I'm sure that we help each other in that endeavor. She loves passionately with her whole heart. How can you not be drawn to someone like that. I imagine that we would raise the bar for women and push the limits of what society will allow or can handle.

  12. My literary BFF would be Katherine "Kitty" Katt from the Gini Koch Alien series. She's awesome her entire world has a soundtrack. She kicks butt and doesn't feel like she needs to conform to fit in she just is herself for better or worse (and it's not always better).

  13. My literaly BFF would be someone like Charlie Davidson from First Grave on the Right. She is hilarious and headstrong and kicks butt. As for what we will be doind together, well probably solving mysteries like she does, I love mysteries! :)

    Veronica @ Mostly Reviews
    veronicam46 at hotmail dot com

  14. This is a really difficult question! I actually put a lot of thought into it and decided on the essential qualities my literary BFF would need:

    ~ Understand my love of books
    ~ Handle my sarcasm
    ~ Be one of those people that put themselves out there, or finds it funny when I do instead of getting embarrassed.
    ~ honest
    ~ funny
    ~ doesn't try to pressure me to do things I don't want to do
    ~ trustworthy
    ~ has my back

    And finally I decided that Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series would be my literary best friend. She may not understand my reading, but she won't have a problem with it. She's bold, exciting, and completely honest!

  15. My literary BFF is Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. We're kindred spirits, bosom buddies. We wander the shores of Prince Edward Island together in long, flowy dresses, pick flowers, lie in the grass, visit other people in Avonlea for tea and raspberry cordial, go on picnics, talk about books, and go on adventures in the Haunted Forest. :-)

    Thanks for a fun challenge!

  16. I posted my answer here. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! :)

  17. Hmmmmm...tough question! I'm going to go a bit off center and say Cas from Anna Dressed in Blood. I love his snarky sense of humour, and I've always had male besties (probably from growing up with three brothers!).

    We'd totally be ghost-busting together. Well, maybe Cas would while I screamed my head off!

    My post:

  18. Hey there! I posted the answer to your question on my blog, here:

    Happy reading!

  19. Hmm....I think I'm going to go with Cassia from the Matched series by Ally Condie! She wants to follow the rules, but she knows she has to follow what she feels is right.

    Things we would do together in HER society: not much. Ha! The movie theater or the game center? I can't remember what it's called. Gah! Driving me nuts!

    Things we would do in OUR society: Shop. Hang out with boys (my husband and her boyfriend--Team Ky!), go dancing, hiking

  20. I Spent quite some time thinking about this and I kept going back to the first character thar came to my mind. But, for this to work, I would have to be quite younger. So let's travel a little back in time and pretend I'm 12 or something (in the books, we never really know this character's age. If the author keeps her age the same or if she actually grows up). My BFF would be Arya Stark, from A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones). She is a tomboy, very spirited, likes to fight and to explore and I think at some point she wished she was a boy so she could fight with swords (not that she didn't do it anyway) and help her brother in the war. She is a very smart girl, very resourceful, intelligent and she is left handed (just like me, ahah).

    I chose Arya because when I was younger I was also a tomboy. I defenitely can see us both doing some exploration in the woods or in the castle, fighting with wooden swords, chasing cats, running away from the bad guys and all sorts of bad things. Basically, just getting into trouble and having fun.

    You can also find my post here:

  21. I made a post for the mini-challenge on my blog. But the short answer to this question is that my literary BFF is definitely Mara Dyer from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin because she is hilarious and completely awesome!

    My post is here!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun mini-challenge. I enjoyed thinking about this one!

  22. My BFF would be Severus Snape and we would take turns glaring at each In all reality I have no idea who I'd get a long with all that well. Snape is the only one that really comes close to having the same personality but he doesn't seem the type to have a best friend.I suppose I'd have to go with Fred and George Weasly, they appeal to my mischevious side so I'd love to help pull of pranks with them and find all the secret pathways in the castle. Also the matter of testing out the snack boxes would be rather fun.

  23. Here's my post for this challenge! Thanks for hosting!

    Zara Alexis @ The Bibliotaphe's Closet

  24. Kristy Palmetto from The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen! Full paragraph explanation at my Bout of Books post at my blog. :)

  25. My Literary BFF would be Katy from the Lux series series by Jennifer L Armentrout.

    We have a lot of things in common so i'm sure we could be best friend. We both love ( LOVE big L and all) books. We start becoming overojed as soon as we put our hands on a package that could contain books. So we could exhange our opinion perhaps some books too

    And even more important, we are quite alike: we don't like going out, we don't smoke, don't drink, we take our studies very seriously we are good girls and our mothers are starting to think we should go out more ( stressing and so not fun idea)We are too different from others young from our age but in the same time we don't really care too conforted by our books
    Sadly we also both lost our father too early and don't really have someone to speak too because we have to be strong for our mother we quite forgot ourselves

    This time we could share together and understand because it's not easy to get it when you don't have lived it ( and i don't wish that to any one!)

    miki@Lecture toute une Aventure

  26. My literary BFF would have to be Kelsey Hayes from Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. She is not about her looks or clothes. She likes to travel which I am so down with. She and I love tigers, boys with nice tans and muscles. I am also willing to take the brother that she decides she doesn't want. Also we are both game for adventure so yeah she is the one I can see myself as her BFF.

  27. My first instinct is to say Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She's witty and intelligent and such a fun person to be around! I imagine we'd spend a lot of time reading novels together and gossiping about our acquaintances. We're both a little judge-y, so I'm sure we'd enjoy mocking the silly behavior of those around us. Plus, she'd be an excellent wingman (or the Regency equivalent thereof), because she's very good at relating to people, whereas I'm a bit more awkward socially. She'd help me find the right thing to say to that special gentleman!

  28. My first instinct is to say Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She's witty, intelligent, and so much fun to be around! I think we'd spend a lot of time reading novels together and gossiping about our acquaintances. We're both a teensy bit judgmental, so I think we'd have fun mocking the silly behavior of others. Also, Elizabeth would be an excellent wingman (or the Regency equivalent thereof), because she has great social skills, whereas I'm a little bit more awkward. She'd help me figure out what to say to that certain special gentleman!

  29. Oh boy.. this is so easy and so hard for me. The telling of the BFF is easy. Mine is Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear. From the first day I read about her, I was 12 or so, until today, I'm 37, I have loved her. She is an intelligent, strong heroine that will do anything for those that she loves.

    Now the hard part. I'll try not to get too much into the "too much information". I haven't had a very easy life so like Ayla I feel that if I had a totem it would be one that was always pushing me to do better, to achieve more, to do my best always. When I was down I felt like Ayla was there. A little voice inside my head saying you are a winner, when it felt like everyone else was saying LOSER!

    I got pregnant young and again, like Ayla, had my baby girl alone. Lots of tmi here so we'll skip all the drama and just say, I wanted to name my beautiful daughter Ayla. My mom refused and I went with Lillian which I have to say I'm also happy with. Ayla is STILL a backbone for me. I read The Clan of the Cave Bear series any time I'm down and although I haven't had to reach out to Ayla like I did in my childhood it's nice to know that I've become my own fabulous woman. (yes I'm tooting my own horn here!) Funnily enough my chinese astrology sign is a Tiger, so although it's not a lion like Ayla's, it's still a big, fearsome kitty!

    Cough... Ok.. like I said, easy and hard! I hope that wasn't toooo much information! Great challenge by the way!

  30. I think I would be literary BFFs with Lizzie Bennett from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. We would spend hours talking about the people around us and have fun enjoying all the entertainment our environment provides us with :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. Fun challenge! My answer is posted here:

  32. Whoops: Full post:

  33. My BFF is Isobel, from Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook. I wrote all about it here:

    prettydeadlyreviews at yahoo dot com

  34. Great contest/giveaway! I think mine would be Nynaeve al'Meara from the Wheel of Time series. Most people can't stand her, and I really understand why: she's just about every negative thing you could think of: self-centered, shrewish, sexist, impatient, etc. But I LOVE her! I gotta say, I think she's just misunderstood. She's often the comic relief. As her friend, I tend to stand around, watching her with fascination and chuckling. Besides, she's insanely brave which is a trait I'm very drawn to, she has a good heart (she goes around Healing people), she's prudish in the best ways, and I'm totally in love with her love interest. If I could spend the afternoon with her, I'd laugh a lot, stare at her hubby, and have all kinds of One Power/WOT adventures! :D

  35. My literary BFF is Sarah Jane from Cold Fury. If we were to hang out I would love to have all sorts of deep conversations with her and her little brother and her boxing coach, willy. I would also love to have her teach me how to fight. We would also probably be on the run from the mafia- you know, just another friday night with my BFF :)

    Thanks for the challenge and the giveaway!
    Michelle@ Book Briefs (<-- bout of books sign up name)

  36. I couldn't choose between two double acts: Sam and Patrick (the feisty siblings in THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER) and Ron and Hermione from HARRY POTTER. So hey, I wrote about both... :)

  37. My literary BFF would be Molly Grue. More about Molly and how we spend our time:

    (And congratulations, Auggie, on your nuptials!)

  38. My BFF would be Kaylee Cavanaugh from Soul Screamers. Here's my post on why:!/2012/08/boutofbooks-challenge-literary-bff.html

  39. As I struggled to answer this, many characters came to mind. I thought I should choose someone who is a lot like myself (maybe Anne Elliot, Penny Featherington, or Hermione Granger), but then I realized it should actually be someone like my best friend in real life, someone who is a bit unlike me, who completes me, in a way, and who teases me out of my shell. Someone like Lizzy Bennet, or Trixie Belden, or Lilly Moscovitz, who speak their mind and have a no-bullshit attitude, who are brave in their own way and fight for what they want.

    Phew, that made me think a lot on great characters! Thank you for hosting this challenge, it was... challenging. ;)


  40. My literary BFF would be Jim Hawkins from The Treasure Island by R L Stevenson. We both go on an adventure on a great ship with Long John Silver, Ben Gunn to find Captain Flint's hidden treasure with use of maps on the treasure Island.

  41. I picked two.

  42. My literary BFF would most definitely be Winnie Flapjack from Random Magic by Sasha Soren because she is so much like me. She is straightforward, honest, witty, and sarcastic. If she was a real person, in the real world, we would get into so much trouble together and go on so many adventures. It wouldn't matter where we would go or what we would do because that's half the fun, not knowing where we are going and just packing up and leaving for a few days.

    My Updates
    doodlesbookblog @ gmail .com

  43. I think I would be BFFs with Cecily from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. I can totally see us giggling away under a big tree in the yard, gossiping about all the neighbours and shirking our German lessons. Plus then I would get to look at Colin Firth whenever I came to visit!

  44. My Literary best friend is Dez from Destiny's Fire. I don't have anything at all in common with her but she can kick butt and cut loose. I think she would be a blast to hang out with. I am not much a physical person, but I would train with her and I would also go out with her and her gang and go clubbing. I would act like I am young again!

  45. Oooh, that's tough. I think I'd say Yorda, from "Ico: Castle in the Mist". Not because I could laugh with her and have a good time, but because I understand her, and I think she'd understand me. We're both quiet and shy, but have a fierce sense of right and wrong locked inside of. We could lean on each other for strength and know that whatever it is we'd be fighting against, we wouldn't be alone. We'd have security in each other, and I think that would make us best friends. (:

    As for someone to laugh with, I pick Magnus Bane, automatically. (:

    Thalia @ Pictures in the Words

  46. Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison's Hollows series. I just seem to get her and even though she gets into a ton of trouble she seems to be a cool girl!

  47. Well, this isn't something I've ever thought about before, but I think Jo from Little Women could be my BFF. She's feisty, independent, passionate, imaginative . . . I see myself in her. And we'd have a great time together! (She made her sisters do all those plays. My brother got roped into all sorts of performances!)

    I also posted my answer on my blog here:

    Thanks for hosting a fun challenge!

  48. I couldn't think of anyone to be my bff!! Then I thought about one of the most fun characters.... STEPHANIE PLUM!!! I just love her. I know she would be so much fun and a great friend at the same time.

    My BFFHere is my BFF!


  49. My literary best friend would probably be Meg from A Wrinkle in Time since we have a few things in common (protective of those we care about and a stubborn streak). =)

    Saving the universe and reading books, now that is probably what we would do.

  50. My BFF would be Penryn from Angelfall:

  51. For a literary BFF I'd definitely have to choose Allison from The Immortal Rules. She's awesome! I mean, she carries a katana, slays baddies, and is a vampire. Who could ask for more? I feel like with her witty and sarcastic personality, we'd get along famously!

  52. Yay! My first Bout of Books Challenge! :)
    My literary best friend would be Vix from Summer Sisters by Judy Blume!

    I wrote more about why here!

    Good question! :)
    Tabby @Insightful Minds

  53. Lauren Holbrook from the MissMatch series by Erynn Mangum. We would eat chocolate while watching Pride and Prejudice together. With her dog Darcy next to us, of course. I would also help her in her famous matchmaking schemes.

  54. Even though it has been years, my literary BFF will always be Nancy Drew. I do not know how many times growing up I wanted to start my own detective agency or played detective with my cousins. I also had many imaginary adventures with Nancy as we solve strange mysteries around my house. Even though I may have grown up and move on, Nancy Drew will always be my special childhood literary BFF.

  55. My literary BFF would have to be Clarissa (Clary) Fray from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire. I am a lot like her, we are both artists, strong willed and independent. I could see our girls nights together with our easels side by side as we listen to the latest rock band on the radio & chat about our guys. I would totally be her side kick in her crazy concocted plans to save the world or Jace.

  56. I can only choose one Literary BFF? Difficult! Some of my favourite books are my favourites because I can relate with the characters. However, one of my all time Literary BFFs is Jo March from Little Women, for many reasons. Growing up she struggles with accepting herself for who she is along with the many expectations placed on her by outside forces. I think we all can relate to this even in modern times. Despite pressure put upon her to marry and become a household wife, she beats the odds and follows her dream, only to find a man she falls madly in love with. This I can really relate to.

    Together, we would share our love for reading and writing (which I love to do!) We would also strive against the pressures and expectations put onto women of all types {pumping my fist up in the air}!! We would also talk about this as well, but more likely we would share our thoughts with each other on life, family, joys and overall just chit chat all the time on anything and everything, as we both have numerous interests. Every time I re-read Little Women I feel like I have a best friend back.

    (here is the link also:

  57. My new BFF would be Meena from The Reluctant Matchmaker and Harry Potter (of course) Here is my answer.


  58. My literary BFFs are the O'Connor sisters from Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change.

  59. I would choose Rhiannon Murphy from J.A. Saare's Rhiannon's Law series. In the last book, THE RIPPLE EFFECT, she was pretty hard headed and could have used a BFF to knock some sense into her.
    asiancocoa94 at aol dot com

  60. My literary BFF would have to be Harper from "Saving June". She's quite anti-establishment like me, and a little awkward and weird. She also manages to rub grownups up the wrong way - like me! I think we'd get along swimmingly because we'd spend all our time raving about idiots and ignorance and I think we'd be good support to each other during those dark times.

  61. I just recently read the Summer series by Jenny Han, and I totally think that I would want to be BFF with Jeremiah. I've always had boy best friends and he seems like he would be a great literary BFF. I think when we were hanging out we would do a lot of aimless driving around, going to get ice cream and just general shananigans!

  62. i know i'm totally late to the party & everything, but i think my literary best friend would be Anne from Anne of Green Gables. She knew how to party. Love her. Also, Luna from Harry Potter. We would be one weird, wild bunch. ~dixie