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Featured and Follow Friday: "Dead and Gone" Review

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Happy Friday love doves! It's the end of another week. How does it feel? I hope the answer is GREAT for all of you.

As for me, this is the day when things start to get busy. This weekend equals two birthday parties and a wedding shower. It's going to be a fun and busy next couple of days!

For those of you who are new here, or who have just forgotten, the FEATURED AUTHOR this month is CHARLAINE HARRIS.

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Dead Until Dark
Charlaine Harris
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Title: Dead and Gone
Author: Charlaine Harris
Genre: Supernatural
Publication: May 5, 2009
Pages: 312


Except for Sookie Stackhouse, folks in Bon Temps, Louisiana, know little about vamps—and nothing about weres.

Until now. The weres and shifters have finally decided to reveal their existence to the ordinary world. At first all goes well. Then the mutilated body of a were-panther is found near the bar where Sookie works—and she feels compelled to discover who, human or otherwise, did it.

But there’s a far greater danger threatening Bon Temps. A race of unhuman beings—older, more powerful, and more secretive than vampires or werewolves—is preparing for war. And Sookie finds herself an all-too human pawn in their battle.

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Out of all of the Sookie Stakhouse novels, this one has been my favorite. I've really enjoyed the others as well, but this one was the most intense. By this book the reader is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Sookie and Eric have a thing. Honestly, I'm TEAM ERIC. He can be a big jerk, sure but there's something about him that makes you not mind so much. Maybe it's because Sookie seems to be able to handle him just fine without being all meepy and dominated.

This is the book that had me gripping the edges of the cover. There was quite a bit of stuff going on in this story. Just like any of the other books Sookie's life was in danger, but this one... whew... Charlaine went as far as she could without killing off my BFF Sookie. She is literally bashed, thrashed, and practically ripped to shreds.

The war between the fae and other supernaturals is bloody and stomach wrenching. Plenty of well loved characters die. I cried.

Sookie developed so incredibly, as an individual character, and as a companion/friend to the others. I found myself rereading paragraphs because I found the action so compelling. I gasped,  squirmed, and sighed. When the novel ended I closed the book with that heavy feeling that you get when a good story is done. Even though I knew there would be another book... I couldn't stand it. I sat for a while, mulling everything over.

Though I hated that Sookie had to experience being terrorized so tremendously it opened the door for her amazing healing process which continued on through the next few books. Hind sight... my favorite book in this series so far is absolutely this one. It was just so gripping and after knowing what happens next it seems like even more of a victory for Ms. Stackhouse. She's a champion, that's for sure.

I'm very very very very sad to hear that "Dead Ever After",  which will be released next May, will be the last book in the series. That's gonna be tough. *sigh* 

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This Week's Question

 Q: Christmas in July! Someone gives you a gift card for two books (whatever that costs). What two books will you buy?

Normally, this one would be kind of a "Let me think..." question, but I'm actually pretty sure I know. If I were to receive a gift card for two books then I would immediately snatch up "The Kneebone Boy" and "Sisters Red". These both look like phenomenal reads. I enjoy dark fantasy and fable-twists so I'm absolutely looking forward to getting my hands on these.

How about you? What would you snatch up?

*The Kneebone Boy*

Title: The Kneebone Boy
Author: Ellen Potter
Genre:  Middlegrade Dark Fantasy
Publication:  September 14, 2010
Pages: 288

Synopsis:   Life in a small town can be pretty boring when everyone avoids you like the plague. But after their father unwittingly sends them to stay with an aunt who’s away on holiday, the Hardscrabble children take off on an adventure that begins in the seedy streets of London and ends in a peculiar sea village where legend has it a monstrous creature lives who is half boy and half animal. . . .

In this wickedly dark, unusual, and compelling novel, Ellen Potter masterfully tells the tale of one deliciously strange family and a secret that changes everything.

*Sisters Red*

Title: Sisters Red
Author: Jackson Pearce
Genre: Fable/Fairytale Twists
Publication:  June 7, 2010
Pages: 324

   Scarlett March lives to hunt the Fenris--the werewolves that took her eye when she was defending her sister Rosie from a brutal attack. Armed with a razor-sharp hatchet and blood-red cloak, Scarlett is an expert at luring and slaying the wolves. She's determined to protect other young girls from a grisly death, and her raging heart will not rest until every single wolf is dead. Rosie March once felt her bond with her sister was unbreakable. Owing Scarlett her life, Rosie hunts ferociously alongside her. But even as more girls' bodies pile up in the city and the Fenris seem to be gaining power, Rosie dreams of a life beyond the wolves. She finds herself drawn to Silas, a young woodsman who is deadly with an ax and Scarlett's only friend--but does loving him mean betraying her sister and all that they've worked for?

Well, that's all for this week's Featured and Follow Friday dearlings!

I'll see you all tomorrow for Stardust Saturday and a review of "Eyes Like Stars" by Lisa Mantchev.

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  1. I'm a new follower via GFC and have loved Sookie until the latest book (whose reviews have been bad and make me leery to read it), but I'm still sad it's coming to an end.

    I've not heard of either of the other other books but will look into them more.

    The Scarf Princess

  2. Hm. I've heard of Sisters Red before, but not The Kneebone Boy. I love the covers, but not really a fantasy type of person.

    Thanks for stopping by and following. Returned the favor :)
    ~Livin' Life Through Books

  3. My cousin borrowed Sisters Red from the library last week and is looking forward to reading it. It sounds like the kind of book I'd enjoy, too.

    New GFC follower. Our FF

  4. Ooh, the Kneebone Boy looks so cool! I'm a new follower via GFC.

  5. About Sookie series, I am Team Eric too this was one of my faves too, I haven't read Deadlocked either and I am so sad to see this series end :(

    I need to read Sisters Red its been on my list for too long.

    My FF

  6. Hopping through. I loved Sisters Red. Kneebone Boy sounds great.
    My Hop

  7. Also, thanks so much for your manga email. I'll get back to you about it ASAP!

  8. I love the covers for both of these! I'm going to look these two up! Great picks this week! :)
    Thanks for stopping by My FF!

  9. Love the choices for your FF and the covers too. I picked signed copies of two of my favorite books Lover Awakened by JR Ward and Bared to You by Sylvia Day. Happy FF!

    New GFC Follower :)

    Here's My #FF

  10. I'm not familiar with those books, but I hope you really do get them:)

    I am a new follower. I'd love it if you followed back.

    My FF

  11. The knee Bone boy sounds intrigueing. I'd love to have a go at it.
    New follower.

    My FF

  12. Oh my gosh! The Knee Bone Boy sounds sooooo good! :)

    I am a new follower via GFC :)

    Here is my FF post:

  13. Hi Auggie,

    I like your blog! I don't know either of the title that you chose to buy with your gift card, but the cover art is really beautiful for both of them. I may have to check them out!
    New Follower via GFC :)

    hop on over if you have the time! have a great weekend!

  14. Nice choices,two interesting titles.

  15. Sister's Red sounds very interesting! It has a lovely cover.


  16. Sister's Red does look really good. Haven't heard of the other one though, will have to check it out!
    New follower! Here's my Friday post!

  17. Great choices !! Thanks for popping over the Weekly Book Blog Hop xx

  18. Love the cover of Sisters Red. I need to check both of these out. Thanks for including summaries!

    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (new follower)
    My FF

  19. The Kneebone Boy! That's on my tbr too, gah so much fabulous books to read, so little time! Sisters Red was a great book, you definitely need to read that as soon as you can. Thanks for becoming a follower! Followed you back :)

  20. Both books sound great! I haven't heard of either but I will be sure to check them out!!
    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by my blog :D I am a new follower :)

  21. I've heard good things about Sisters Red. I can't wait to read it one day. :) Thanks for hopping by!