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"Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madigascar" Review

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About the author:

Tommy Davey spent his youth writing mystery stories and plays, and watching reruns of Three's Company until every line of dialogue was permanently burned into his memory. When not writing, he enjoys traveling to favorite destinations including New York City and Paris, which he plans to feature in future stories. He lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised, with a Norfolk Terrier named Calvin. "Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar" is his first novel. Connect with Tommy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, or GoodReads.

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"Cora Flash"
and the Diamond of Madagascar"
*Tommy Davey *
Title: Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar
Author: Tommy Davey
Genre: Middlegrade Mystery
Publication: February 3, 2012
Pages:  165


Eleven-year-old Cora Flash is ecstatic when she finally convinces her mom to let her take a train ride by herself to visit a relative in the mountains. Once on board, Cora meets a cast of intriguing characters, and stumbles upon her very own mystery: A valuable diamond has gone missing, and only one of her fellow travellers could have stolen it. It's up to our novice detective to solve the crime before the train reaches its destination – or the thief reaches Cora. This is the first book in the 'Cora Flash' series.
Ages 9-12

Auggie-Talk Quill Rating
In a word: Cute.

Cora flash is a middlegrade book about a curious little snipe name Cora who finds herself in a big adventure, and a whole lot of trouble, on her very first solo train ride to see her Uncle. A diamond has been stolen and only a handful of people in the dining car are suspects. All seem friendly, all seem incapable of such a dastardly dead! It's up to the Inspector, and of course Cora who has an unassuming presence and thus a useful perspective, to discover the truth behind the missing diamond of Madagascar!

I wouldn't venture to call this middlegrade necessarily. I would actually be more inclined to group this with "chapter books" as far as the intended audience, or at least the one who would enjoy this book the most.

Despite the easy writing style, which is a little too simplistic for adults, the book is the perfect level for children who have grown out of the "My first chapter book" section at their local bookstore but aren't quite advanced enough yet to take on stories in the middlgrade area like "Fablehaven", "Percy Jackson", "Chronicles of the Chrestromanci" or other such books.

There were a few confusing moments in the book where something was said to be done, but then not actually done, such as when Ms. Bronwyn said "We shan't talk about this any longer", regarding the diamond theory, and then immediately following that statement they're all talking about it again, herself included!

I did find Cora to be a little flat... not nearly as curious or troublemaking as I was hoping. Plus, she figured things out awful quickly. I suspect that the book could have been quite a bit longer. But then again, if it had been, it wouldn't quite be fit for the age-group that it was directed towards I suppose. This would make a very cute children's movie also, I suspect.

There are moments of very odd reasoning as to why the group should or shouldn't do something. The person reasoning sounds very serious, but what they are saying seems like a joke.  At any rate, I would have to say that the style of this book is the majority of the reason I'm giving it a 3/5. The plot and the "mystery" of it was actually pretty enjoyable.

Just a note: There is a new and edited version of this book that's a bit more updated than the one that I read. Thus some of the previous errors that I may have mentioned have probably been rectified. Give it a look see!

Things I enjoyed:

This was rather a cute little mystery, and I was guessing at who could have stolen the diamond from the very first. By the first little bit of the book I have to say that my guess was on Abby, even though she was one of my favorite characters by that point!

I'm not going to ruin it of course by telling you who it was, but I can tell you... it'll be a surprise!

The little dog Calvin was a dear thing! I actually found myself wanting the dog for my own while reading. My absolute favorite part of the book was the cute and unexpected exchange between the Inspector and Calvin! Precious Precious!

The characters were quirky and each had their own special personality which I think children will appreciate.

The ending is solid and leads in plenty well to the next mystery in the Cora Flash series which I feel children will be very interested in after reading this first one.

Pick this one up for your little reading fiends!


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  1. Thank you for the heart-felt review, Auggie. I wanted a little Calvin puppy of my own too! Turns out he's based on the actual author's dog. Isn't that so cool? Thanks for joining this tour, and please take a moment to cross-post your review to Amazon and GoodReads :-D

  2. My son loves mysteries and travel and we're looking forward to adding this to our collection.

  3. Great review. I added the book to my list to get for my niece. I know she will love this book

  4. Sounds like a fun book to share with my younger students.

  5. This definitely looks like a fun series to share with some young people I know (of course I will have to gently read it first LOL) Looking forward to the adventure.

  6. I find it so fun to tour around all the blogs. You're review is great, and I think we're on the same path about style. I got the updated version, and I'm looking forward to seeing the differences. I read the original too, and even from the beginning of the second edition, I can tell much of it has been fixed up!

  7. I love that you used the term "dastardly deed"! It's such a fun phrasing that really captures the spirit of the book.