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Cozy Summer Reading: The Queen of Spells

Happy Friday all you readers out there!

It's been another fantastic week and I am very excited to be bringing you yet another review for your enjoyment!

To reiterate what was stated last post. There will be no FEATURED FRIDAY this month. Featured Friday will resume next month (July) and the Featured Author will be Charlaine Harris.

Today is going to be a very exciting day! I have a new little side-job at a local boutique that I start this morning and tonight is my first WEDDING SHOWER hosted by my beautiful mother-in-law-to-be and other family-in-law-to-bes! We'll be packing in the car tonight and driving a city or two over to enjoy spending time with everyone.

Alright,  with no further ado here is a review for you! *Rhyming!*  ("Anybody want a peanut?" 10 pts if you can guess the reference.)

Title: The Queen of Spells
Author: Dahlov Ipcar
Genre: Fantasy
Published: April 30, 1973
Pages: 155

Auggie-Talk Quill Rating

I purchased this book at my local library Book Sale for 50 cents I think (or $1... can't remember. Anyway CHEAP)). This book is fantastically whimsical and is a retelling of the famous ballad "Tam Lin".  If you're interested in the ballad before you pick up the book follow the link:

This story was easy to visualize and the author is very good about making sure you're seeing a world that is unexpected, glorious, and even a little bit nightmarish. The beginning is a little slow, right when you're getting to know a little bit about the main character, Janet.

Then comes in Tom. A mysterious man who appears out of nowhere one day and disappears just as quickly after making Janet promise to be his forever. He claims he will come for her after 7 days.

7 years pass and still Tom is not there. The parents are getting antsy and are ready for their daughter to be married. Though she has not seen him in 7 years she swears to love none but Tom.

Then BAM. Tom returns with an incredible story about being held captive by the Queen of the Farie. Janet must cross over into the Fae world if she wishes to rescue Tom from being taken as a sacrifice to death.

The storytelling was a little on the dull side, but the story itself was vibrant enough that your mind made up for what the author wasn't really able to provide. The most demanding of attention was the scene set in the Fae world where Janet has crossed numerous stages of very enchanting and bizarre scenery until she finds herself at a Circus where she must pass numerous tests before she is able to rescue her love.

It's a common part of folklore that the heroine or hero must hold on to their love no matter what they change into or what is thrown before their eyes to see. If they can hold on to the person they care about, no matter what shape they take, then the spell will be broken and their love will be theirs. You'll find that aspect here in this story as well, and I must say that this part is particularly read-worthy.

All in all the book starts out a bit dull and ends a bit dull, but all the parts in the middle are absolutely fantastic!
The story of Janet and Tom reads like a fantasy I'm sure many girls have had before with a couple of moments that are merely suggestive and not over-the-top. It's a children's book but adults are able to pick this book up and glean from it something a child would miss regarding the relationship between Janet and Tom. 

Who Would Enjoy This?:  Romantic fantasy lovers, folktale enthusiasts, young adults


(This book is not available in e-format)
This is not a very easy book to get a hold of as it's no longer being published. You're only going to be able to get your hands on this either as a USED copy or at your local library. The link that I provided above to Amazon is for USED copies of the book.  

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