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Cozy Summer Reading: Brides Of Eden

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

That's right my peaches! I know it's been so long and I could apologize until the cows came home but what good would it do? It's better to just move forward! Tally ho!

May and this first part of June was a CRAZY MESS! I had to push everything back and take a break but we should be getting back to our regularly scheduled events now that things are semi-calmed down. However, I make few promises until after August because this wedding preparation stuff is fun but time consuming!

Alright my pretty pets. Here's the down low.


Since June is already half-way over I'm going to spend the rest of the month posting ONLY REVIEWS. There will not be a featured author or a TRILOGY Tuesday this month. However, on those days I will be posting regular reviews.

Just to give you guys a bit of a "What's Next" list I'll let you know now what's going to be going on in JULY.

July's featured author is CHARLAINE HARRIS.

Ms. Harris should have been featured last month since that's the month that her newest SOOKIE STACKHOUSE book was released. However, since I went on sudden hiatus for the month of May and some of this month I pushed it all back and will be featuring her properly this month. Expect the first FEATURE FRIDAY the first Friday of July.

July's TRILOGY TUESDAY is all about DIANA WYNNE JONES and her castle series. That would be Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, and The House of Many Ways.

If you'd like to keep up with the trilogies the find these wonderful books at your local library or wiggle your way into the following links:

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Alright now.

I'll post up a REVIEW (long awaited, I know) as well as a link to my personal blog for those of you interested in what in the world is keeping me away from book blogging lately! 

I've got a HUGE IMM this Sunday since I have a month and a half worth of books all piled up. Expect that to be exciting!

And here we go!


Title: Brides of Eden
Author: Linda Crew
Genre: Historical Fiction
September 1, 2003
Pages: 256

In our defense, I can say only that nothing seemed so terribly strange in the beginning...
When, in 1903, the fiery preacher Joshua arrives in sleepy Corvallis, Oregon, Eva Mae -- and the whole town -- is never the same again.

Joshua is wonderful. He's charismatic. Insisting on simplicity, he commands his converts to burn their possessions. Demanding devotion to Christ, he tells them to abandon their personal ties.

But there's a surge of violence rising, and before it's over, families will be ripped apart and lives will be destroyed. Eva Mae's gripping true story is a stranger-than-fiction tale of a turn-of-the-century apocalyptic cult.

Auggie-Talk Quill Rating

This book was a trip. I picked it up at a local library sale for $2 and was actually really compelled to read it. The concept of religious cults is interesting, albeit often disturbing, and the fact that this story was based on TRUE happenings just clenched it for me.

I couldn't put it down once I'd opened it up. I started it and read it it well into the night until I was done. Now, it wasn't that long, barely over 250 pages but I kept finding myself rereading passages completely blown away by what was going on. Occasionally I would get on my computer and look up information regarding the happenings in this book to read the accounts of what really happened.

Linda Crew connects the reader to these women who suffered under the hand of a charming and charismatic man that truly must have been out of his mind. However, he was a clever criminal and regardless of what his motives were he was atrocious and the women who were caught in his web truly could not withdraw themselves from him no matter how hard they tried.

Asylums, Strychnine poisoning, abuse, starvation, trials, and the tribulations of all of these women (and men) who were traumatized by these events keeps the reader tense.

This book is sure to wrench your heart strings and cause you to feel a plethora of emotions from disgust, to pity, to joy, then dismay, and then right back to disgust.

The ending of these women's stories are both heartbreaking and victorious and I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to see into the hearts (though perhaps imagined) of the women who suffered under the crazed ideals of "Joshua".


AMAZON: $9.44
KINDLE: No Kindle Version Available
NOOK: No Nook Version Available

(No e-version for this book so check your local libraries peaches!)

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There you go, all! I'll see you soon with a new book review!

Happy Thursday!

Until Next Blog,

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