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This past Saturday I announced that the April Trilogy would be the "KEY TRILOGY" by Nora Roberts.

I'm very excited to tell you all a bit about this Trilogy, because it has been my favorite of hers so far.

To start off, I'm going to review the first book in the Trilogy. Over the next few weeks you can see the other reviews and finally an over all on the last Tuesday of the month!

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

❖❀❖❈❖❀❖❈❖❀❖❈❖❀ ❖❀❖❈❖❀
An unforgettable new trilogy by the bestselling author begins. Three women. Three keys. Each has 28 days to find her way through a dangerous quest that will unlock her deepest desires. The first is Mallory, who must find the Key of Light.
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Key of light is the first of three books in the "Key Trilogy" by Nora Roberts.

The Key series focuses on Three women (important number, everyone.) These three women are Mallory Price, Dana Steele, and Zoe McCourt. Each of these women are different from each other in personality and style, but maintain a loyalty and love which binds them together in a very cozy and courageous little group.

Mallory Price is a snazzy Art geek who has an eye for beautiful things (including clothes). Dana Steele is the Library Lady (love it!)with a stubborn streak, and Zoe is the visually artsy former stylist with a young boy named Simon.

The first book, "Key of Light", is centered around Mallory who, at the beginning of the book, works at an art gallery. She's in love with the job but the boss's new uppity wife (who has no idea what she's doing) keeps getting in the way. One great outburst later and she's fired, out on the street, with pretty much no prospects....

Except... she has this dream to open her own Gallery.

In come Dana and Zoe. Dana has been struggling with her job at the Library (for particular reasons I won't spoil for you) and quits. Zoe gets fired from her job at the local salon for reasons that we gather are all about her boss being incredibly jealous of her talent. Just to throw this out there Dana very much wants to own her own bookstore and Zoe would love to run her own Salon someday. Recipe for a get together? I think so!

These 3 women are all in some kind of serious predicament! Suddenly, out of nowhere, the three of them are invited to a dinner party at the nicest, creepiest, house in town.

This is where things get good. At this dinner party they're told by two banished immortal guardians that the three women are reincarnations of demi gods that were lost after an evil immortal cast them to earth out of jealousy.


So now what? Apparently it's up to the three women to locate three separate keys to open a box that contains their immortal souls!

They each get 1 month to find the keys. They can work together. If one of them fails, they all fail. If they succeed... untold glory and joy await!

❖❀❖❈❖❀ THOUGHTS ❖❀❖❈❖❀

Okay, I admit that this sounds a bit cheesy to begin with... but the story is actually VERY VERY well put together and I found it hard to put the book down.

Mallory is not exactly my favorite character of the three, but there is something in each of the main characters that I can relate to, some spark of life and creativity.

This first book in the series is really good about sucking you in. It gives you plenty of the story to make you very interested in what's going on regarding the key searching. The clues that are given to the women at the beginning are just odd enough that you have a difficult time figuring things out (I always hate realizing the answer five chapters before the main character does).

The Romance side of the book is cute because you've got all sorts of friction between the main ladies and their romantic counter parts (who all know each other. 3 male friends pairing up with 3 female friends. Hey. Power of three).

The Mallory and Flynn pairing was sweet and thankfully there was a depth to Flynn's character that is often lacking in male counter-leads in other Romance series.

Anyway, I can't say too much more or I'll ruin the story for you.

This first book is full of adventure, determination, hope, ancient gods, and a little more than a bit of magic. The romance is light (but good), the twists and turns are not always predictable, and the end of the book is just enough of a cliffhanger to keep you reading into the next one!

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good trilogy (especially in the romance department).

Tune in next Tuesday for the review of the second Key installment "Key of Knowledge"!

Amazon: $6.89
Kindle: $7.99
Nook: $7.99


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