Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Reading Affair: Thrift Store Booking and New Rating System

Hello darlings!

I had a fantastic day today! Mum and I went to the florist and got the floral arrangements all worked out. We then went around to look for antique jewelry for the gown. While we were at our local thrift mall (yes, the local flea market is  MALL size.) I kept running into walls of used books.

Not just books but lot's of amazingly gorgeous little teacups! My mom and I couldn't quit gawking at these dainty little floral cups. I love shopping with my mom! Anyway! Back to those books...

Shelf after shelf of books! We stood in front of one display for quite a while and pilfered through the piles. Mom gave the the names of a couple of authors that she wanted me to try and we just started grabbing!

It was buy 2 get 1 free and each of the books were only $1! I picked up 6 of them and then found another one in a different pile for $2.  I had also purchased two other books from a different section of the market for $1 each. So far that's 9 books total.

After that, while we were leaving the parking lot of the thrift mall, mom spotted a big yellow "BOOKS" sign a few stores down and asked if I wanted to go check it out. When would my answer have ever been 'No'?!

Used books again, but not thrift style, so they were a bit more expensive (paper backs were $3, unless they were really popular authors and then they were $4. Hardbacks ranged between $5-$7.) We spent quite a while roaming through the isles. Mom is a book nut too, so it was a lot of fun listening to her talk with the owner of the little book nook (a 70 year old woman reading a Harlequin romance novel!). She made a lot more suggestions for authors and I picked up 8 more books.

17 books! 

I think at the end of the day I'd spent less than $30 for all of them!

I'm going to have a great IMM this Sunday! So be sure to come by and check it out.

New Rating System!

Tonight I'm introducing a new rating system to Auggie-Talk. It's nothing special but it will make rating simpler.

Instead of having an 'Out of 10' rating set up, everything will now be based on a 5 point rating system.

 1 Quill Rating- Not worth the read/Couldn't finish it

 2 Quill Rating - Readable/ Nothing Special. 
 3 Quill Rating - Entertaining/Average.
 4 Quill Rating - Very Enjoyable Read!

 5 Quill Rating - Fantastic! Highly recommend!
Note: The quill images are not free to copy or use. Please refrain from borrowing these images from me to use on your own blog or website. 
There! From now on I will be utilizing this rating system. I will continue to give specific and detailed reasons for why I rated a book the way I did, but I figured this made things a little easier by being more straight forward. 

No book review tonight, dears. However! You can expect one for tomorrow (maybe even 2 in the same post. *gasp*).  I have QUITE a few books to go through, and when things start to get settled back into the normal routine then I'll be giving you guys more reviews. 


  • If you're interested in writing a guest review blog send me an e-mail.
  • I'm looking for APRIL books. If you have a book you'd like for me to review let me know via comment or e-mail.
  • Keep and eye out for my very first GIVEAWAY (April dates to be announced next blog!)
  • Remember to check out the 2012 challenges (featured on the sidebar) I'm participating in and feel free to join! The more the merrier! 
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