Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Reading Affair: A Hard Day's Fright

Alright. Finished with book #1 on this week's list.

"A HARD DAY'S FRIGHT" by Casey Daniels

I can't say that I would really recommend this book to anyone in particular. It's interesting but forgettable. The main character is unfortunately a bimbo that's entirely full of herself. The fact that the entire book is 1st person perspective of this character makes it annoying from time to time.

Imagine the most prissy girl you know and give her deductive skills and half an ounce of common sense. There you go. Main character.

I'm not saying the Casey Daniels is not a good author to pick up. This is the very first book of hers that I've read so there's no way I'm going to give the author a decisive rating based off of this one work. Her style flows well and she manages to keep you interested in what's going on.

This is a fast read, one of those mystery paperback type books that get pumped out by the zillions.

Honestly, for me, it all keeps coming back to how unlikable the main character is. She's not even amusing.

I can't say that I won't pick up another Pepper Martin mystery book. I may try another one in the future to see if the character progresses any... but maybe not. I think that next time I'll pick up one of Daniels books that doesn't feature Pepper as the main gal.

The mystery wasn't nearly as spooky or thrilling as I was expecting it to be. Kind of disappointing considering there's so much spook you could have offered with a Cemetery tour guide who can see ghosts.

I give the book a 6/10.

Even though it wasn't my style, if you're a mystery lover then it's always worth checking out a new author.

You can find "A Hard Day's Fright" here:

Amazon: "A Hard Day's Fright" ($7.99)
Kindle: "A Hard Day's Fright" ($7.99)
Nook: "A Hard Days Fright" ($7.99)

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  1. Hi Auggie, I read approx. 6 books a week though many are of the forgettable variety. Since getting my kindle at Christmas I've branched out to more suspenses, paranormal romances and more general fiction. Always been a reader though and it depends on my mood whether I want a 'Tolkein' length or a Harlequin!

    1. 6 books a week?! Fantastic! My mood also decides the length and genre of the books I pick up. Mysteries have been my go-to lately which is how I picked up Casey Daniels.

  2. Loved the review! I just love how you just lay it out there, lol.

    Anyways new follower, can't wait to start to compare books, I love reading and I'm always looking for a good recommendation! Anyways if you want to check my blog out here's the link: