Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Reading Affair: Book Clubs


Are you an avid reader? Like to read but not sure what book to start with or go to next? Looking for new authors? Interested in new genres? Want a book-centered community to talk and discuss your reads with?


Wonderfully good news for you readers. There are online book-club resources for you.

I love to read, discover, and try new things. What I love the most, though, is sharing my reading experiences with others!

My biggest problem with reading is that I get stuck from time to time with what author or book to try next. I also have a bit of an issue with being able to talk about the book I've read with another person. Sometimes the books I read just aren't popular with my friends and family.

These online book/reading resources will offer you the opportunity to explore new genres, get ideas on what to read next, and discuss your latest reading endeavor all without ever having to bake those "book-club meeting" cookies. (Though I do love cookie baking.)


This website is a great resource for finding new books to read in every genre.

The way it works:

Sign up for each genre you're interested in. Every week there will be a new book in the spotlight. From Monday-Friday you will receive a 5 minute reading excerpt from the book. By the end of the week you will have read about 2-3 chapters.

After the week is over you'll know whether or not the book interests you enough to purchase it or borrow it from your local library.

The book forum on this website allows you to interact with other book readers to talk about your impression of the book you're reading, so that future readers can get a better idea of what they'll be getting.

Also affiliated with Dear Reader is


This website is centered around intellectual talk and analysis of books. However, the forums support all types of community chatter.

The forums host discussion for Fiction and Non-Fiction books.

General Forums discuss Politics, Science/Technology, Beliefs/Philosophy, and Arts/Entertainment.

There are also special forums for discussion in
  • Poetry
  • Creativing Writing
  • Short Stories
As well as an "Author's Lounge".

The BLOGS section of brings you to "Booktalk Central Blog" which links all of the booktalk blog member's blogs together. This is a great hub community for bloggers.

The BOOKS section lists books that were discussed in the past as well as documents listing live chats that have been conducted with the Authors of some of these spot lighted literary pieces.

This section also offers books lists for Featured, banned, amazon sales, and special selection books.

BookTalk.Org offers a LINKS section with links to Book Sellers, Audio & Ebooks, Book Blogs, Book and Reading Resources, and Publishers.

Overall this is a great community for book lovers. BookTalk.Org forums are very active so you won't have to worry about the "2 week lag" between posts.


This website is very straightforward and is all about book reviews. You can review a book that you've read or search for a review on a book that you're interested in reading.

This review based community will allow you to get a better idea of what you're about to read, as well as presenting you an outlet to offer your own honest opinion about books that you've already finished.


This website offers a list of books clubs by book name or genre.

The list will tell you:
  • How many members in the club.
  • How many books the club has read.
  • When the club was created

You can search by the name of the book or type in a key word to find the right book club for you. Or, start one of your very own and create the book club of your dreams!


Last, but not least, is This is another forum website dedicated to all types of literary art. The Forums consist of numerous subject categories including:

  • General Books
  • Reviews
  • Authors
  • Ebooks/Ereaders
  • Writing
  • Poetry/Music
  • Book of the Month
  • Short Reads
  • Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Contests!

I've highlighted for you a few of the forum topics that differ from the other forums listed in this post. Book of the Month, Contests, and the Book Market all make this forum worth the visit.


That's all for this Spring Reading Affair post. I hope you'll take the time to visit some of the websites listed above and offer yourself the opportunity to broaden your reading horizons.

Read on, mes amis! Read on!

Until next blog,


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